Since the creation of mankind, there have been many unsettled debates such as what came first the chicken or the egg, cats vs. dogs, and if the glass is half full or half empty. Another debate that has been brought to the table is what's better, red or green grapes? Is it about more than just the color?

Red/Purple Grapes

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Naib Mian

Taste: Red grapes have hard skin on the outside, but a sweet, juicy, and crisp inside. This juxtaposition allows for a sensational, refreshing bite. 

Different types: Moon Drops, Concord, Pinot Noir, Limburger, Sweet Jubilee, Valiant, Champagne, Crimson Seedless, Kyoho, Flame Seedless, and Ruby Seedless.

Most popular types: Flame Seedless and Ruby Seedless. The flame seedless are round and crunchy and the ruby seedless are darker red, more ovular, and juicy.

Macronutrients: All one-cup portions of red grapes have 104 calories, 1 g of protein, 1 g of fiber, 27 g of carbohydrates (23 g  come from sugar), and are fat and cholesterol free.

Vitamins: Red grapes contain vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin, A, and vitamin B-6. Vitamin C aids in immune function and restoring tissues, vitamin K is crucial for sturdy, strong bones and blood clotting, vitamin A has antioxidant characteristics that could decrease the chance for various health issues, vitamin B-6 assist in metabolizing food into energy as well as hair and skin care.

Minerals: All one-cup portions of red grapes have 288 mg of potassium, 0.2 mg of copper, 0.1 mg of manganese and 0.5 of iron, and a smaller supply of calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

Green/White Grapes

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Naib Mian

Taste: Green grapes are sweet yet bitter with a tart punch. However, depending on the type, some tend to be more sweet or sour than others. 

Different types: Cotton Candy, Riesling, Gewürztrminer, Moon Balls, Sultana, Fry, Muscadine, and Thompson Seedless.

Most popular types: Thompson Seedless and Cotton Candy. Thompson Seedless are golden green, ovular, and sweet while Cotton Candy grapes taste exactly what they sounds like, cotton candy. 

Macronutrients: All one-cup portions of green grapes have 104 calories, 27g of  carbs and 1.4g of fiber.

Vitamins: Green grapes contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Vitamin A boosts the immune system, vitamin C is necessary for healing wounds as well as gum and muscle care, and vitamin K is crucial for blood clotting.

Minerals: All one-cup portions of green grapes have 15mg  of calcium, 11mg of magnesium, 288mg of potassium and 30mg of phosphorus.

Red vs. Green Grapes

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Is there a bigger difference than just color? Yes.

Darker grape skins contain larger amounts of phynutrients. So, which winner takes all? The health benefits point to red grapes being victorious. However, there's definitely a reason everyone's favorite food isn't kale. So put them to the test and try them for yourself to decide if the taste of red grapes join their health benefits in being superior to green grapes.