On the second of January in 2015, I sold my carnivorous soul to the vegan cult. To the shock and dismay of my meat-and-potato-loving parents, I now identified as not only a ~vegetarian~, but an extreme one at that. They had lost me to the world of millennial veganism. 

My life proceeded in the way any vegan's life did. I wore trendy clothes, I drank water from boxes. I was a total and completely faithful veg. That was, until one fateful beach trip. It was a dark and drunk-y night, when almost a year after converting to a full-on grass muncher, I returned to the dark side. What followed suit was an onslaught of indigestion and gluttonous trips to Sonic. 

As I share my journey post-veg, I'll present a list of possible outcomes for those reclaiming their carnivorous identity. Both spiritual, emotional, and digestion(al). 

1. You and Meat and Dairy May Be Totally Cool

After reintroducing meat into their diet, some people continue on blissfully in their eating habits. No indigestion. No upset stomach. Just an enjoyment of the ingredients they've deprived themselves of for so long. Veganism be damned. This would especially be the case for an individual who has developed ailments during their time as a vegan. 

2. You and Meat and Dairy May Be Totally Not On Good Terms

Some people's bodies take the reintroduction of ingredients like meat and dairy in stride, while others of us suffer in bloat-hell. Almost as if it were a punishment from the veganism gods. While the jury is still out on if not consuming dairy makes you lactose intolerant, it may cause a dairy intolerance to become more noticeable.

Like not looking in the mirror for a few months and then catching your reflection in something and feeling super weird. Except the weird feeling is your stomach. And the cause is your small intestine not producing enough of the enzyme lactase

3. Your Friends and Family May Totally Flip Shit

Being vegan also means being vocal about your vegan-ness (most of the time). It's your day-to-day, how could you not mention it? Perhaps you seemed obnoxious to those around you. Or maybe you even convinced a few of your friends to start joining in on Meatless Mondays.

Either way, being vegan wasn't just about what you ate, it was about something much more. When you turn your back on everything you just ranted and raved about, people will probably take notice. But don't fret. They probably don't care, you may just get a couple jokes here and there. I know my vegan identity still persists in the minds of those around me to this day. 

4. You'll Realize All of the Absolutely Delicious Things You Missed Out On

Chipotle without the soggy sofritas! Yeah, meat substitutes are fine if you can stomach the mystery soy ingredients, but nothing really beats the real thing. After scouring the internet and grocery isles of America far and wide there was never a match to real chicken

5. You'll Also Realize That in Some Cases You Weren't Missing Out on Much

Depending on your circumstance, being vegan can be a pain in the ass. But looking back on my vegan days, I miss the feeling of, 1) knowing I was helping the planet, and 2) being healthy more easily. Balancing meals may be hard when vegan, but it's also hard when you have fatty meat and cheese tempting you at every meal. 

Overall, there are endless pros and cons to however you choose to eat your way through life. Focus on eating well-rounded meals and following what's right for YOUR body. Because everyBODY is beautiful and amazing. #feels