If you don't know who Antoni Porowski is then you've probably been living under a rock. He is 1/5 of the Fab Five on Netflix's Queer Eye, in charge of all things related to food and wine. Oh, and he also just opened a restaurant in New York City and signed a cookbook deal so no biggie. Plus he has a love for avocados, but who doesn't?

But anyways, Antoni came to speak at Syracuse University on October 20th with a cooking demonstration followed by a question and answer session. One student in the audience asked the oh-so controversial question for burger lovers: Shake Shack or In-N-Out? Well, this is a big answer coming from an important food influencer, and he responded with Shake Shack after pondering for a moment. 

The answer didn't end there though. No, Antoni enlightened everyone in attendance with his go-to order at Shake Shack, and boy is it a lot of food. 

Up first, a "Shack-ago" dog, but with the chicken dog (a play on the classic Chicago hot dog) topped with plenty of pickles and cucumbers.

Then, a Double Stack Burger with fried portobello and Gouda cheese. I mean this burger is really stacked. 

But wait, it doesn't end here. How can one get a burger and not get fries? You can't. Antoni said he doesn't really like his fries plain, so he'll get a double order of cheese for all of that extra cheesy goodness to top the fries. 

And finally, to drink, he orders the caramel peach milkshake, which is one of those special seasonal drinks you can't enjoy year-round. Such a shame.

Still, before he finished listing his order, he continued to gush over how much he loves caramel, even going so far as to say that he prefers caramel to chocolate. Not really sure how we should all be feeling about this choice, but we can without a doubt stand behind everything this fabulous foodie orders at Shake Shack.