Tom Brady just dropped his own meal plan through the Purple Carrot website, which is a plant-based meal delivery site that prides themselves on clean eating. With the Purple Carrot website, one can get a box shipped to their house once a week filled with recipe cards and everything you need to prepare plant-based meals. They teamed up with the hunky Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to create the TB12 Performance Meal Plan

TB12 Performance Meals

On Wednesday using the new galleries feature on Instagram, Tom Brady  promoted the new TB12 Performance Meal plan. The photos displayed him making taco from the meal plan with his kids by his side. Tom Brady developed these meal in partnership with Purple Carrot and the meals are designed to help athletes achieve peak performance. Every meal is 100% plant-based while still being very high in protein. 

The Meals

These are the Beluga Lentil Tacos that were featured in Tom Brady's post, they come with spring slaw and guacamole. The Purple Carrot website features every week's meal on their website. Meal plan subscribers receive three high-performance meals a week that can serve two people. Purple Carrot features a lot of different cuisines in their meal so the subscriber can expect a lot of variety. This week's meals include Thai green curry with ginger lemongrass quinoa and summer squash, BBQ jackfruit with green chili polenta and collard apple slaw, and pasta Fagioli with tender asparagus and basil pistou. 

The Cost 

The TB12 Meal Plan costs $78 per week, making each meal $13. The cost of the meal plan is quite pricey, but keep in mind it is all plant based. The regular purple carrot meal plan is $68 dollars, so you are paying roughly $2 more a meal for dishes that are higher in protein designed for athletes. A plus side to the service is that Purple is pretty flexible, you can cancel your subscription anytime and even skip a week of meals. It seems like a good investment for people who want to eat clean but have a busy schedule given that the service plans out your meals and no meal takes more than 40 minutes to prepare. 

Tom Brady has claimed that it was meals like these that helped him stay on top of his game. The Tom Brady meal plan is certainly intriguing and it looks very delicious, however, unless you are a serious athlete it's hard to wrap my head around paying $78 a week for only 3 meals. It is certainly a neat concept and maybe one day when I'm rolling in money I'll hit up the Purple Carrot meal plans, but for now, I'll stick to Easy Mac. Or, the DIY version of Tom Brady and Gisele's diet.