I didn't want to spend all of fall and winter trying out every pumpkin spice latte (PSL) around campus, so I set out on a mission to try them all at once! Now that I have become an expert on PSLs at Duke, I give you my ranking of PSLs around campus. The ranking was based off of three categories: flavor, texture, and strength. Each was scored on a scale of 1 to 5. 

Flavor: Is this what the PSL of my dreams would taste like? Do I want to wake up and drink this every morning? 

Texture: Does this PSL have enough foam or too much foam? Is this PSL the right consistency? 

Strength: Is the espresso in this PSL too strong or weak? Can the espresso in this PSL take the place of my morning coffee

5. Trinity Cafe - Marketplace

Flavor: 0/5, Texture: 0/5, Strength: 0/5

You're sh** out of luck if you want a PSL on East Campus. Neither Marketplace nor Trinity Cafe serves PSLs. Freshmen should probably learn how to make the drink on their own.

4. Saladelia - Von der Hayden Pavilion

tea, coffee
Meredith Davin

Flavor: 2/5, Texture: 3/5, Strength: 3/5

Vondy houses my favorite coffee shop on campus, but their PSL is a huge disappointment. While PSLs are supposed to scream pumpkin, this one barely hinted at the fall favor. It also needed stronger espresso and less foam. 

3. Twinnies - Engineering Quad

tea, coffee
Izzi Clark

Flavor: 4/5, Texture: 3/5, Strength: 3/5

Because Twinnies brews Starbucks coffee, their PSL is most similar to that of the chain renowned for inventing it. While the drink did shout pumpkin, the espresso could have been stronger and the latte could have been thicker. Still, Twinnie's PSL is a "wonderFALL" pick-me-up drink.

2. Joe Van Gogh - Bryan Center

coffee, tea, beer
Sally Bornbusch

Flavor: 5/5, Texture: 4/5, Strength: 5/5

While I have never been a die hard Joe Van Gogh fan, their PSL surpassed my expectations. The latte was exaclty the strong, pumpkin infused drink which I desired. The only thing that could have improved it was more foam on top.

1. Bakery + Coffeehouse - West Union

coffee, chocolate, tea
Izzi Clark

Flavor: 5/5, Texture: 5/5, Strength: 5/5

This is the kind of PSL that makes you want fall to never end and makes you daydream about the other pumpkin flavored drinks and treats which your heart desires. With just the right amount of pumpkin and espresso strength, this PSL is a caffeinated and frothy cup of perfection.

Next time you're looking for a PSL, now you know where to go! Head over to West Union when you're in the mood for your favorite fall drink.