You have to be living under a rock to not know that Starbucks’ famous fall latte is back in town. On September 7th, 2015 @TheRealPSL, (Starbucks’ Twitter account for pumpkin spice latte), announced that their cherished fall favorite will be available to everyone on September 8th and, “Yasssss,” was reportedly heard all over the east coast.

The only word I can find to describe @TheRealPSL twitter account having 106K followers is shocking. Yes, that’s right 106K. Meanwhile, you can’t even get one more person to like your last Instagram pic to reach 60 likes. WTF PSL, rude.

Anyway, we all know how popular pumpkin spice flavored items are these days. From pumpkin spice flavored condoms to pumpkin spice dog food, and even pumpkin spice soaps — it’s obvious that we just can’t get enough of the sweet spicy blend.

So then I pose a question for you all: Why at times do we feel ashamed and embarrassed by our love for pumpkin spice? During one of my classes this week we had to write down what fall food we are most looking forward to (yes I am in college, not 1st grade). When I asked the girl next to me what she wrote down she shyly replied, “Pumpkin spice lattes. Ugh so basic white girl of me, I know.”

Her response left me feeling confused and sad. Girlfriend, don’t be shy. Why are you lacking zero confidence about a drink that you love? Don’t try to conceal your excitement. And most of all, don’t hide the fact that you’ve been waiting all year for this day. You know you will be purchasing PSL every single morning until Starbucks snatches our true love away and drags it back into the depths of the seasonal Starbucks’ vault.

#? Tis the season. @starbucks Pumpkin Spice @frappuccino #PSF #PSLisBack #PumpkinEverything A photo posted by Stephan1eMar1e✨ (@stephan1emar1e) on Sep 11, 2015 at 5:15pm PDT

This experience caused me to reflect about how I use the word “sorry” way too often. Perhaps our need to apologize for loving pumpkin spice stems from womans’ general tendency to apologize for everything that we do.

I use the word when I’m not sure how someone is going to react to something I said or did, as a precautionary to a situation I have no control over. I use it when I feel like I’m being too basic, when I don’t feel like being judged. I even use it when my waiter gets my order completely wrong at a restaurant. But is anyone even judging or looking to blame me? Probably not.

At the end of the day, pumpkin spice is just a flavor. You never hear anyone ever apologizing for eating vanilla ice cream. “Can I please get two scoops of vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles? Sorry.” No, absolutely not.

Pumpkin spice is the Beyonce of all fall flavors. It’s sensational, hot, delicious, versatile, and even successful. You can make anything out of pumpkin spice, like puppy chow snacks, Brussels sprouts, and even granola. The pumpkin spice trend will literally never go out of style.

Saying sorry, especially for loving PSL, is something that women, and even men, need to shake. Let’s dedicate this fall season to ending the habit we are not sorry for. Do it for the sake of PSL #sorrynotsorry.