When you get food poisoning or the stomach flu, you can't usually keep food down for very long. But you also can't go forever without eating; plus, why would you want to? Researchers have proved these foods can help with your nausea and puking, so we put them all in one place so you can start feeling better ASAP.


When you vomit, you lose potassium in your system. Bananas can help restore that potassium you need to stay strong and kick your sickness in the butt. 


Eat a small cup of your favorite Jell-O every few hours to keep your blood sugar regular and provide a bit of energy to help you get over the virus. 

Clear Soups

Illnesses like the stomach flu can lead to major dehydration, so it is important to balance your electrolyte levels with clear liquids like soup or just plain broth. 


If you're having trouble digesting solid foods, applesauce is the solution. Plus a little fiber goes a long way toward clearing those nausea-inducing chemicals in your system. 


Rice is one of those bland foods recommended for upset stomachs. It'll help keep those blood sugar levels steady and provide you with much-needed iron


It seems like ginger is the cure for everything these days. The superfood contains natural properties that balance and soothe the entire system. You'll feel a bit less gross after drinking a cup of ginger tea or just having ginger in hot water. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have a complex carbohydrate content that helps soak up toxins in your digestive tract. Be sure to eat the sweet potatoes pretty simple though. No crazy toppings because they need to be easy to digest. Maybe just add a little cinnamon and ginger (see above). 

If you can't stop puking, try eating these magical foods and feel better soon!