People around the world have a passion for potatoes. There are so many different kinds of potatoes and ways to eat them. From french fries to au gratin, we have ranked the most popular types of potatoes.

10th Place: Baked Potatoes

They are a steakhouse staple, but can be very dry at times, which keeps them in this position on the list. To combat the dryness, they tend to be overloaded with toppings, like sour cream and cheese, which take away from the potato itself.

9th Place: French Fries

While french fries are an American classic, they do fall short when compared to other potato products. They are generic and often have too much salt to truly be enjoyed alone. Most people cover them in ketchup or a variety of other dipping sauces.

8th Place: Mashed Potatoes

They are a popular side dish for Thanksgiving turkey to a summer barbeque. Mashed potatoes are enjoyed by people of all ages. A major downfall is the pre-packaged powder potatoes that some people try to use in place of fresh ones. This lowers the overall quality, thus reducing the ranking.

7th Place: Waffle Fries

Whether they are from Chick-fil-A or your local grocery store, waffle fries are pretty good. The unique shape and texture impacts the experience of biting into this warm potato creation. Additionally, waffle fries are better for dipping because of their surface area. Their lack of accessibility is what keeps them from the top of the rankings.

6th Place: Au Gratin

Warm, cheesy, gooey, oh my, au gratin is a great way for non-potato lovers to enjoy potatoes. The sauce absorbs into the sliced potatoes, creating a delectable side dish. Au gratin is fantastic, but it has its time and place. It is not something you could eat every day, or with every meal.

5th Place: Loaded Potato Skins

Many argue that loaded potato skins are the best appetizer at a variety of restaurants like Applebee’s and TGI Fridays. Potato skins are a great competitor because they are an improved form of the loaded baked potato. They still retain their potato characteristics even though they have cheese and bacon on top.

4th Place: Oven Roasted Potatoes

Oven roasted potatoes are one of the easiest kind of potatoes to make. It’s as simple as slicing potatoes and coating them with your choice of spices and oils. Not only are they easy to make, they can accompany nearly any dish. Another good thing about roasted potatoes is the variations that you can create -- you can use fingerling potatoes, red potatoes or yellow potatoes.

3rd Place: Hash Browns

Hash browns, a breakfast must-have, can be put into burritos, smothered with gravy or can just sit next to eggs. The texture of hash browns is something else. They are soft on the inside, but have a nice crunch on the outside. The only downfall with hash browns is that they are breakfast-specific.

2nd Place: Curly Fries

Their shape is incomparable and when you get a fry that’s 10 curls long, you are on top of the world. Curly fries take a close second place in our ranking. Although every fry can’t have 10 curls, the ones with two curls are just as satisfying. The big curls are soft and warm while the smaller ones are crispy. These fries stand out because each bite is a surprise.

1st Place: Tater Tots!

“Ooey, gooey, rich n’ chewy inside; golden, flaky, tender, cakey outside” – Although tater tots are no match for Fig Newtons, they do top the potato rankings. You can pop them in your mouth or savor each bite, either way they are a delicious snack or side. You can dress them up with a meal at home or you can eat them in your car at Sonic. Breakfast, lunch or dinner — tater tots are the winner.

There you have it, a ranking of the most popular ways to eat potatoes! Let us know if you agree. And if you love potatoes as much as we do, check out this Ode to Potatoes.