There are two things people find challenging: losing weight and keeping up with a workout routine. We want to do both, but either we are too busy or don't know where to start. Even if we manage to do both well, we all can get some extra help, or even better, some extra information.

A lot of people wonder if what they eat after a workout is actually good or bad for their body. I am here to break the stigmas. These five controversial foods are completely fine to chow down on either before and/or after your workout.

1. Pasta

pasta, macaroni, broccoli, sauce, cheese
Katherine Baker

For most workout and healthy eating enthusiasts, foods with carbs are a huge no-no. This is mainly because most people think that carbs will make them super fat and don't realize that they actually need carbs for their overall wellbeing pre and post workout.

Don't believe me? Check out this article. This article in specific mentions that even the fruits and veggies that you have grown to love have some form of carbs in them despite them being "healthy" foods.

Also, according to this article, pasta will provide you with the fuel that you'll need to get through your workout in one piece. Who wouldn't want to be energized when working out?

2. Sweet Potatoes

vegetable, broccoli, kale
Megan Prendergast

Now, you know how important it is to have your carbs after workout, time to indulge those potatoes. According to this article, sweet potatoes, in particular, have a higher value in vitamins A and C than regular potatoes. Vitamin A will help your vision during and after your workout while vitamin C helps clean out your body's system.

Also, sweet potatoes are packed with two other essential vitamins in addition to iron and potassium, which are both great for a post-workout boost. Get excited for your workout by having sweet potatoes for breakfast, or lunch, or even dinner to get into the mood. 

3. Waffles

When it comes to eating healthy, any food item that's remotely close to junk food is not something that would be considered—however, with Viking Waffles, they're full of protein, are low in sugar, are filling, gluten-free, and come in several flavors—which makes them healthy and amazing to eat either before or after any workout.

They're controversial because waffles are known to be unhealthy and fattening, but with a waffle full of protein, you might want to put down your protein bar and try out one of these waffles. 

4. Watermelon Juice

watermelon, juice, sweet, melon
Kathleen Lee

One of a few things that bottled juice is known for having is a lot of sugar, which is something that most workout junkies want to avoid. What most people don't know would be that watermelon juice is predominantly water, is packed with vitamins, and has a lot of health benefits that you probably didn't know about. So, it's actually perfect to hydrate your body after your intense workout. 

5. Coffee

tea, ice
Katherine Baker

Coffee. It's the one thing that's usually there for you when you wake up in the morning, at your local Starbucks/coffee shop, or somewhere along your commute. Nobody ever thinks to have it either before or after their workout since people tend to be drawn to Gatorade.

Little do people know, by swapping out your Gatorade for some coffee, you'll be receiving more benefits than you initially thought you'd receive. So instead of loading up on sugary workout benefits, you might want to check out some of the benefits that coffee will provide you with.

These items may be on the "watch-list" to serious workout junkies who are serious about their workout diets. But, they have just as much or even more benefits than the foods and drinks that you're currently having after your workout.

So next time you make yourself a meal after the gym, don't feel unhealthy about having a big scoop of roasted sweet potatoes with your grilled chicken after your workout.