Chicken nuggets are a classic lunch and dinnertime food loved by all ages. There's nothing better than a bowl of macaroni and cheese with a side of chicken nuggets. However, if you're like me, I'm always looking for healthier ways to enjoy my favorite foods. When it comes to chicken nuggets, SIMULATE's NUGGS have been a go-to of mine for the past few months and now they will be yours too.

NUGGS Are Now At Walmart, Target And Sam's Club Stores Nationwide


Never heard of NUGGS? Well, this brand has transformed the chicken nugget into a healthier version of the classic. Made with soy and wheat protein, NUGGS contain 36% more protein and 40% less fat than traditional nuggets. Plus, they even look and taste like the real deal!

When NUGGS first opened its e-commerce store, the brand sold-out very quickly.  Even celebrities like Mark Zuckerburg, Alexis Ohanian and Karlie Kloss are obsessed with NUGGS. 

Now, everyone can get their hands on NUGGS at Target, Walmart and Sam's Club stores nationwide. 

The brands NUGGS and Spicy NUGGS are already available at over 700 Walmart locations (3.2K locations by EOY) and 596 Sam's Club stores across the country. 

Starting on April 26, NUGGS will be available at over 388 Target locations. 

Once you've got your NUGGS, make sure to get SIMULATE's BBQ sauce for the ultimate combination.