Raise your hand if chicken nuggets were on your list of favorite foods as a child. Even though I can't see you, I know your hand is raised. Let's be honest — chicken nuggets are everything. Pair with a side of fries or some macaroni and cheese and you're all set. NUGGS are the latest innovation in the nugget category with their plant-based chicken nuggets and you need them in your life ASAP. 

What Are NUGGS?

NUGGS are the plant-based chicken nuggets that look and taste like the real thing, however they are anything but that. With 13g of soy protein and only 210 calories per serving, nugget lovers can satisfy their nostalgic cravings with NUGGS. 

Why Eat NUGGS?

This question doesn't really need explaining, but here we go. NUGGS are perfect for picky eaters, vegetarians and nugget lovers of all sorts. Grab a handful of NUGGS and your favorite condiment for a savory and satisfying bite that will leave you wanting more. 

Why would you ever go back to animal-based chicken nuggets when NUGGS are not only better for you, but for the environment?!

NUGGS are available in two varieties Original and Spicy. Make sure you have a glass of milk nearby if you decide to try the Spicy NUGGS

Where To Find NUGGS

If I haven't sold you on NUGGS, well what if your favorite celebrities were raving about them because THEY ARE. Bella Hadid is one of the brands biggest fans alongside Steve Aoki, Blackbear, Anderson Paak, Mark Zuckerberg and Patrick Schwarzenegger.