I don't know about you, but every Friday during the past few months has been a reason to have a pizza party. Even 'Bachelorette' Clare Crawley shared on social media how she was enjoying on her new favorite vegetable crust pizza from Daiya. I mean, if Clare's eating it, then it must be good. I decided to try some for myself and all I can say is wow. 

Daiya's New Vegetable Crust Pizza

Daiya was started with the goal of creating plant-based food that people could feel good about eating. Recently the brand has released their new Vegetable Crust Pizza perfect for those looking to sneak more vegetables into their diet. 

Daiya's NEW Vegetable Crust Pizza is available in three mouthwatering flavors: Meatless Pepperoni Style with Jalapeno, Italian Herbs & Cheeze, and Mediterranean

Each pizza has a gluten-free crust made from cauliflower, sweet potatoes and spinach. Trust me, it's good. 

The Italian Herbs & Cheeze is my favorite because I can never get enough cheese on my pizza. This pizza is topped with tomato herb sauce and Mozzarella Style and Parmesan style cheese shreds along with feta style crumbles and Italian herbs. 

If you're craving something more on the spicy side, then try Meatless Pepperoni Style with Jalapeno

Daiya's Gluten-Free Pizza

In addition to the vegetable crust, Daiya also has gluten-free pizza in a wide variety of flavors: Supreme, Meatless Pepperoni, Meatless Meat Lover's, Cheeze Lover's, Margherita, Fire-Roasted Vegetable and Mushroom & Roasted Garlic

Where To Find Daiya

Whether you're craving pizza or ice cream, Daiya has it all. Check out their product locator to see where you can find these delicious plant-based products on shelves near you. 

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