At some point in your friendships and relationships, you're faced with one of the most difficult personality judgments: "What do you like on your pizza?" 

It's a tough call, and some would venture to say it could begin the onset of a breakup. So in case you were wondering or just felt the need to learn this oh-so-relevant information, check out what your pizza toppings say about your personality.

Cheese: Plain Jane

basil, italian, Italy, Margherita, pie, pepperoni, mozzarella, dough, crust, tomato, sauce, cheese, pizza
Lauren Kruchten

You know what you like, and even if you venture to try something different, it just won’t top the OG. There’s something really great about all the individual parts rather than everything mixed together (screw Gestalt amirite?) so you stick to crust, sauce, and cheese.

Pepperoni/Bacon/Sausage: The Realist

cheese, pepperoni, bacon, pizza
Amelia Hitchens

You're sensible enough to have realized that if you're already eating pizza, you might as well make it as unhealthy as possible, right? Not to mention, you're a bit aggressive, so someone else may lose a hand taking the last piece around you!

Mushrooms: Happy in Your Own Shoes 

onions, mushrooms, crust, mozzarella, pepperoni, sauce, cheese, pizza
Lauren Kruchten

Mushrooms might be a fungus, but that doesn't mean you are. Not only are you confident in standing up for what you believe in, but you're more than happy to say it loud and proud. While mushrooms may not be everyone's top pick, you're able to show your friends and fam that you're committed to them, even if that means you occasionally get odd looks. 

Broccoli: Lean, Green, Fit Machine

kale, cabbage, vegetable, broccoli
Jenny Georgieva

If broccoli is your favorite topping, then you're definitely a health nut. Broccoli pizza shows you enjoy an unhealthy splurge meal every now and then, but you still watch your waistline. Not to mention, you're pretty unique — not everyone picks broccoli for their pizza. 

Basil: The Adventurer

tomato, pizza, mozzarella, basil
Alex Frank

You are one with the outdoors. You're willing to take any adventure presented to you, and you are always taking chances. You always have the freshest creative ideas that no one else thinks about. Like the taste of basil, you're not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

Pineapple: The Controversial One

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Sam Jesner

Always stirring the pot. You're definitely not afraid of controversy. You like what you like, and you feed off of the moments when you get to say pineapple is your favorite pizza topping. So what if you're a little mischievous? At least you don't have to share with too many people. 

French Fries: The Trendsetter

ketchup, salt, potato, french fries
Alex Frank

You laugh at pepperoni lovers. You scoff at the veggie heads. Your dad gets the meat lover's special, your mom gets gluten-free, and you get your personal pie with fries on top. People may gasp at the carbs (and sodium), but they're just jealous of your genius tastebuds.  

Everything: The Real Deal

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Lauren Kruchten

You're a fun lovin' type of person. You can't really explain what you like, but you know what you don't like: nothing. Eager when it comes to mixing it up, you're bold, funny, and not afraid to try new things. Life may get crazy for you at times, but knowing how to juggle so many toppings at once will definitely come in handy.