I recently stumbled upon a recipe on Facebook instructing one on how to make pistachio butter. Being the peanut butter lover that I am, I immediately wanted to try this unprecedented spread. And what better way to get my hands on it as soon as possible than to make it myself?

It was a surprisingly easy task (minus the fact that I had to order one ingredient on Amazon and stir the butter by hand because I do not own a conche mixer), so really anyone who possesses the same yearning for this particular nutty delight can do as I did.

Not sure how to consume pistachio butter besides eating it by the spoonful? Worry not, I've provided for you five sweet and savory ways in which you can consume PB 2.0. 

1. Peanut and Pistachio Butter Sandwich

Ally Tobler

This sandwich contains a beautiful triad: peanut butter, pistachio butter, and honey. Spread pistachio butter on one slice of bread (I chose a soft French baguette) and add leftover pistachio crumbs. On the other slice, lather on the peanut butter and drizzle it with honey.

Don't even think about being conservative when piling on the different butters. To give the sandwich an added crunch, you can put the entire creation onto a panini press. It will get messy and gooey, but that's just another sign of its out-of-this-world tastiness.

2. Pistachio Butter-Covered Strawberries

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Ally Tobler

If you have an insane sweet tooth, this is the snack for you. The pistachio butter is already sweet, but if you want something even more sugary, dip fresh strawberries into melted pistachio butter (microwave the butter for about 40 seconds). Top with leftover pistachio crumbs before the coating dries.

Let the strawberries cool in the refrigerator overnight. Voila! You have a refreshingly juicy and sweet morning snack. 

3. Pistachio Butter-Covered Pretzels

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Ally Tobler

On the opposite end, you can also create a more balanced taste by dipping pretzels into pistachio butter. Unlike peanut butter, pistachio butter is more sugary (unless you cut down on the sugar when making it), so combining this nut spread with pretzels will really give you a sweet-and-savory type of snack.

Like the pistachio butter-covered strawberries, dip pretzels of any sort into melted pistachio butter. Sprinkle on some pistachio crumbs and let it cool in the refrigerator. Now you've got your sweet and savory, crunchy and soft snack.

4. Ice Cream with a Melted Pistachio Butter Shell

Ally Tobler

Remember those chocolate and cherry syrup shells that we would put on our ice cream as kids? Take that idea to a whole new level by using the pistachio butter as your "syrup."

I do this all the time with peanut butter and it transforms ordinary ice cream into a healthier, homemade sundae. Melt pistachio butter in the microwave for about 40 seconds (or until it's liquid-y) and drizzle it on your ice cream.

I recommend trying it with vanilla ice cream because the pistachio butter has such a strong flavor. However, I used chocolate peanut butter cup and it was a great combination as well. Let it sit for a minute or two until the pistachio butter becomes hard again.

5. Pistachio Butter Yogurt Parfait

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Ally Tobler

This snack is very versatile; you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or even dessert and you can add in various ingredients. Foremost, melt the pistachio butter in the microwave. Then fold it into plain or vanilla Greek yogurt.

I personally topped it with walnuts for some texture. However, you can mix in fruit (blueberries, strawberries, etc), granola, honey, and (of course) peanut butter. This is great for a post-workout meal when your food cravings start to kick in and your body desires that much-needed protein. 

Pistachio butter is certainly not limited to these five snacks; it can be mixed, drizzled, and paired with a variety of food. It's just that heavenly.