If you live in Philly, you probably hear the Rocky theme song, "Gonna Fly Now" at least once a day. After a few years of living here, I've found myself drawing parallels to the classic movie constantly.

Try going for a run down the Schuylkill Trail without seeing an 80-year-old man in the full gray sweatsuit getup, complete with a beanie, Eye of the Tiger-ing down the trail at two miles an hour. Here is what I think the cast of the first Rocky movie would eat if they actually lived in Philadelphia:

Rocky Balboa: Spaghetti and Meatballs from Ralph's

Daniel Schulemon

The Italian Stallion, what a legend. Rocky, the trackpants Queen of Philly, is always able to strike a chord in the heart of Philadelphians. For Rocky's Philly meal, I assumed he'd be carbo-loading, as all athletes in the 1970's did, so he would order spaghetti and meatballs.

One of my favorite old school South Philly restaurants is Ralph's, one of the oldest family run restaurants in the country! Ralph's is a classic, you walk in and you're whisked away by someone who reminds you of your grandpa to a tiny table in the corner squished next to other Philadelphians loving their vino and pasta.

I think Rocky would appreciate Ralph's and the family atmosphere, eventually inspiring him to open his own family-run restaurant later on in the Rocky saga!

Adrian Pennino: Caprese Panini from Panini's Trattoria

Tarika Narain

This sweet Italian-American Panino who steals Rocky's heart deserves one of the top rated panini's in Philly. Throughout the first Rocky movie Adrian becomes more hip and true to herself (donning this sick beret towards the end), so I think she would venture out of South Philly and head towards Center City or Old City for a bite to eat. Always true to herself, she'll probably still grab this Italian classic, a Caprese panini with tomato, mozzarella, and basil, perfecto

Mickey Goldmill: Pastrami Reuben from Hershel's East Side Deli

cheese, pastrami, beef, bacon, corned beef, sandwich
Madi Fitzpatrick

Coach needs his protein, too! Hershel's East Side Deli in Reading Terminal, an old man classic, I picture Micky grabbing a reuben on his way from the South Philly gym to a fight in North Philly. Hersel's is a classic jewish deli, the owner was actually trained in the famous Katz's Deli in New York, I think Mickey would respect the craftsmanship and hard work the Deli puts into each sandwich. The guys behind the counter are eager to please while cracking jokes and slicing up juicy pastrami, Mickey would get along just fine with them.

Paulie Pennino: Chicken Parmesan from McGillin's Old Ale House

cheese, pizza
Hannah Cather

Every angry drunkard needs a mid-day-drinking meal and it just so happens that every Philadelphian's favorite crowded pub has chicken parm! McGillin's is definitely the place to go during the weekend to hear some rowdy people scream "Sweet Home Alabama" into a mic during karaoke. It's also a classic pub for anyone who enjoys a pint (or ten), that's why I think Paulie would frequent this classic spot. Who knew that the oldest bar in Philly has a full menu?... Paulie knew.

Apollo Creed: Rack of Ribs form Charlie's County Ribs

Isabelle Chu

Apollo Creed, the man who's ribs Rocky broke right before the end of the big fight. In honor of his broken bones, I think old Apollo would delight himself with a rack of ribs from Charlie's Country Ribs. Who doesn't love a pile of meat after a tough workout? Another classic dive restaurant in North Philly, Charlie's County Ribs is where Apollo would go to mourn the loss of a few of his ribs over a massive rack and some delicious sides like mac-n-cheese and corn bread!

I Wanna Be like Rockye

You can yell "Yo Adrian!" all you want but you're not going to be the Italian Stallion any time soon, even if you wear the head-to-toe gray sweatsuit. So take the easy route and head to Ralph's for some spaghetti and stop by McGillan's on your way home for a brew we won't judge you if you Uber home. 

Let us know your favorite Rocky character and where you think they'd eat around Philly. Personally, the only other character I'm worried about is Butkus, the star of the show, Rocky's dog do you think he's more Rittenhouse Square Pet Supply or Doggie Style?