Nothing screams spring like a fluffy, neon-colored Peeps marshmallow. They may be controversial — either you love them or hate them — but they are iconic. For those of you that love them, Pepsi is bringing back a drink just for you. Imagine Peeps in liquid form. Gross to some, a dream to others. Thanks to the limited-edition Pepsi and Peeps soda collaboration, our dreams have become a sugar-filled reality.

Wait, didn’t Pepsi release a Peeps soda before?

If you have some hazy memory of a past marshmallow-flavored cola, you’re not mistaken. Back in 2021, Pepsi released a Peeps-flavored soda, but only in the form of a contest giveaway for a few thousand fans. Considering how much hype the flavor stirred up with some giveaway winners reselling their cans for hundreds of dollars, Pepsi decided it was time to bring it back, this time to retail stores.

What is the Pepsi Peeps soda?

The Pepsi Peeps soda is exactly what it sounds like: that classic fizzy Pepsi cola flavor mixed with the equally iconic Peeps marshmallowy goodness. Described by taste testers as a slightly vanilla, strongly sweet soda with a true marshmallow taste, the flavor will not disappoint Peeps fans and sweet tooths alike. And since it’s offered in aptly colored blue, pink, and yellow 7.5-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles, the collaboration will surely be difficult to miss on your local supermarket’s shelves.

To tie the product launch into the spring season even further, Pepsi X Peeps is incorporating an augmented reality experience. Fans who purchase the soda will be able to scan their can or bottle on Snapchat to go on a virtual egg hunt for prizes, including a trip for two and Pepsi X Peeps merchandise. 

Whether you’re a Pepsi drinker, a Peeps aficionado, or just a fan of the spring season, you’ll likely want to stock up on the limited-edition Pepsi X Peeps soda while you can.