If there is one divisive issue surrounding Easter treats it is whether or not Just Born Peeps are delicious or worthy only of the trashcan. I fall under the first category and always rejoiced in getting at least two packs without fail in my Easter basket every year. I grew up approximately ten miles from where Just Born products are manufactured in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and have been infatuated with everything surrounding Peeps for my entire life. I have Peeps tumblers, stuffed plush, and even luggage tags. So to say I am a Peeps lover might be an understatement. 

Due to growing up in close proximity to the Just Born factory and my obsession with all things Peeps, I feel I am uniquely qualified to rank the best Easter Peeps by taste. 

7. Mystery Flavor #1

Alyssa Yanni

As soon as I opened the package, I was hit with a scent I could not immediately identify, which threw me off. After the taste test and more pondering over the smell, I speculate that the flavor is root beer. If I am being honest, though, I really have no clue what I consumed. While I think it is root beer, which a lot of other people agreed with, others are guessing it is bubblegum

6. Mystery Flavor #2

Alyssa Yanni

Unlike Mystery Flavor #1 where I could not quite tell upon first opening what I was smelling, immediately after I opened this package I smelled lemon. I love lemonade but besides that I am not a huge fan of lemon flavoring and these were not a winner for me. While, the taste was subtle what made these fall flat was the strong almost artificial lemon flavoring smell that hits you as soon as you open the package. 

5. Cotton Candy

Alyssa Yanni

I loved the pink color of these chicks coupled with the blue confetti and the rush of the cotton candy scent you get right away. As soon as the scent hit me, I started craving cotton candy ice cream (if you have never tried it, you are doing a serious disservice to yourself), but I had a job to do and needed to taste test them. Unfortunately, for all the build up I created in my mind, I felt the chicks tasted nothing like cotton candy and honestly lacked much taste at all. 

4. Party Cake

Alyssa Yanni

Like the Cotton Candy Peeps, I was excited to try the Party Cake Peeps because I love cake. The turquoise color of the Peeps along with the rainbow confetti made these such a treat to look at and the vanilla scent of the chicks made me even more eager to try them. Unfortunately, like the Cotton Candy Peeps, these Party Cake Peeps lacked that distinct cake flavor I was hoping for. While good, these were not a Peep I would rush out to eat again. 

3. Mystery Flavor #3

Alyssa Yanni

This was by far the best of the mystery flavors. Upon opening, I smelled something fruity, which made my excitement peak after trying the last two mystery options that fell flat on flavor. After trying, I think this flavor is sour apple, but other people are guessing sour watermelon. You be the judge and try them yourself. Closer to Easter, Just Born Peeps will reveal the flavors. 

2. Original Marshmallow Chicks

Alyssa Yanni

There is something about the original marshmallow chicks that brings back memories of childhood before all of the fancy flavors of Peeps came on the market and all we had were pink, purple, yellow, and blue chicks. These chicks will always be some of my favorites. The chick was soft and creamy with the sugary outside that I have always loved. While, these do not have much of a flavor, they are amazing on their own and do not need to be overdone. 

1. Fruit Punch

Alyssa Yanni

These are delicious! For starters, I love the bright red coloring of these chicks and the packaging with all of the fruit images was delightful. Then, you open up the package and a distinct fruit punch smell hits you. It reminded me of Hawaiian Punch, which I am pretty sure I used to drink by the gallon at my Nana's house growing up, so a ton of pleasant memories filled my mind. Yes, these chicks will leave your fingers coated in red sugar, but I did not mind one bit. As soon as I bit into the first chick, I already knew I wanted more. The flavor was fruity and delicious. Finally, a Peep that tasted like the flavor it was supposed to be.

Now that I have ranked them, I urge you to try for yourself. Besides who does not love a snack that is fat free and where a serving is 5 chicks?!

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that Just Born Peeps Bunnies never get any love or new products? Hey, Just Born maybe you should get on this!