When you were a young child, your parents most likely sent you off to school with the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. The sad part is, those days are gone, you're not trading your applesauce for cheez-its and you've probably heard of Nutella by now. When forced to choose one over the other, you'd probably choose Nutella over jelly any day. On the other hand, when it comes to choosing Nutella over peanut butter, what would you choose? Behold the battle of peanut butter vs. Nutella.

Peanut Butter vs. Nutella

1. Nutrition and Texture

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Hailey Maher
Izzi Clark

In terms of nutrition, peanut butter appears to be the "healthier" option. While a decent portion of its fats are healthy fats, it also has more protein in it than Nutella does. Some peanut butters are also vegan, such as Justin's while Nutella doesn't have vegan options. However, Nutella does have 4% iron in it with each serving, so it's still in the running in my book.

In terms of texture, peanut butter has more of a thick yet creamy texture. While, Nutella has more of a thin, goopy and messy texture to it.

2. Taste

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Alina Edep

Nutella is simply the baby of chocolate and hazelnut, a perfect medley of the two flavors. It's has a sweeter taste, but not too too sweet to the point where it makes you want to hurl. Sometimes, the taste reminds me of Reese's but with a pinch of hazelnut dipped in chocolate and then melted into jars of Nutella for the world to have.

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Christin Urso

In terms of peanut butter, it tastes more like a bunch of peanuts got crushed up in a blender, because well, that's basically what it is. A little bit of cream might have been involved in this party to help lower the overall taste of peanuts in peanut butter. 

3. Usage

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Jocelyn Hsu

Peanut butter and Nutella both have their own usages that make them unique. Not only can peanut butter be used in food, but it can also be used as shaving cream and to feed birds. On the other hand, Nutella can be used as a soap. While this may seem strange, it's not surprising since it is pretty thin in texture. Not sure if I'd recommend wasting these spreads for hygienic purposes, but hey whatever you're in to. 

The peanut butter vs. Nutella debate just got a lot harder for me after all of this. If you're ever in a position where you're forced to pick either peanut butter or Nutella, I'd just get greedy and pick both. Then, I'd smush the two together on a sandwich or put them on a pancake. Regardless of what you choose to do, you're bound to make something that tastes like a Reese's peanut butter cup.