Spoon University started as just a food blog, but many (myself included) have used Spoon as a forum to discuss their struggles with mental health, eating disorders, and bad body image. For me, writing for Spoon has been incredibly cathartic, and I hope that my message will impact others struggling with anorexia and exercise addiction.

This is about to change with the introduction of Healthier: Spoon's platform dedicated to emotional and physical well-being. I am so thankful that Healthier is here, and I think that it will truly provide a healthier environment to talk about mental health on campuses around the country.

Mental Health on College Campuses

I spoke with some of my friends to get their take about how mental health issues are currently treated on college campuses, and it's clear that work must be done. I've noticed a marked improvement in the conversation about mental health in recent years, and I've been proud to be part of an organization that explores this topic so fully. However, Spoon has never before had a venue fully dedicated to the topic of mental health.

"College campuses have yet to strike the perfect balance of how to treat mental health conditions. For many, seeking help for issues regarding mental health is seen as weak, and I had to walk my guy friend over to the counseling center so that he wasn't seen entering alone." 

"I would love to see more work done on mental health destigmatization and self-care. I also feel that mental health challenges surrounding body image, especially for college students, are not often discussed in campus-wide mental health programming."

"The pressure to look and act perfect on college campuses is so prominent, and so many sacrifice their mental health to try and meet these unrealistic standards."

"On college campuses, I think a lot of people are dealing with mental health and/or body image issues. But it can be somewhat taboo to talk about, especially on campus where we are expected to look our best at all times. I think that the way we talk about and address mental health needs to change." 

I'm so excited that Spoon is expanding with Healthier, and I think that it's so critical that we do. The taboo and shame that surrounds mental illnesses still exists, and I hope that I can play a small part in eradicating it. 

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