It seems like every day there is a new over-the-top food trend that's taking over social media. While many of these items seem outrageous and excessive, thousands of foodies have flocked to restaurants and stores across the countries to see for themselves, of course after getting the perfect Insta that goes with their feeds.

Honestly, if you're not guilty of consuming at least half of these crazy foods listed below, I don't know where you've been over the past year.

1. Black Colored Ice Cream

Something just feels weird about this. With all of the endless flavors of ice cream that are currently on the market, did someone run out of ideas and think that they could trick foodies into thinking that black or charcoal ice cream could be a new hit?

2. Turning Sushi into Absolutely Everything

Why ruin perfectly good sushi? Whether it's sushi pizza, sandwiches, burritos, donuts, or whatever else they've done to sushi lately, just let it be already.

3. Unicorn Themed Food

While unicorns are beautiful and magical, people don't want to be eating that. I'm still not sure if all the sparkles, sprinkles, bursts of colors, and glitter are as appetizing as they look.

4. Edible Cookie Dough

Cookie dough just doesn't seem as exciting when you're not secretly eating it from the tub pretending salmonella doesn't exist. Places like DŌ have lines wrapped around the block, but is it really worth the wait?

4. Super-Sized Desserts

This is just extra. We need to be teaching people how to stay safe and healthy, not how to eat until you feel sick. Freakshakes have become a new craze which are practically five desserts in one.

5. Matcha

At least this one isn't unhealthy! While Matcha has many health benefits, sometimes dessert is about having something sweet and treating yourself. Matcha should stay in its drink-form. 

6. Rainbow Colored Food

While the trend started with rainbow bagels, it has since expanded to include grilled cheese and many other colorful treats. When Skittles says "taste the rainbow," I don't think they mean this.

7.  Avocado Everything 

I have to admit that I'm a big fan of avocado, but there comes a limit. There are even avocado restaurants opening all across the world. From avocado burger buns to coffee served inside an avocado, I think I'd rather stick to my avocado toast.

8. Cereal and Milk in Ice Cream

Don't get me wrong, while I do love a good bowl of cereal and milk, I don't want it to be mixed with my ice cream. They have completely different tastes, and also some things are better left separate.

9. Acai Bowls

The only thing more outrageous than these bowls are their ridiculously expensive prices. Acai bowls provide a healthier alternative to breakfast meals, but it still feels kinda weird eating a smoothie from a bowl.

10. Rolled Ice Cream

This concept of rolling ice cream seems like a lot of work with no real benefits when compared to having regular scoops of the stuff. The only thing I can think of is having an excuse to post yet another Instagram of ice cream on your feed.

I can't wait to see which interesting over-the-top food trends foodies will come up with next, but for now, let's let these trends retire.