Say oui to spring — and new yogurt flavors! Oui by Yoplait is releasing some new limited-edition spring flavors, inspired by classy cocktails including Strawberry Rosé, Mango Champagne, and Dairy Free Mango Champagne.

Inspired by Oui’s traditional French recipe and made with simple ingredients like whole milk and fruit, Oui’s limited-edition Strawberry Rose and Mango Champagne flavors have a deliciously thick texture and subtly sweet, fresh taste.

And for those with dietary restrictions, no need to miss out: there’s also Dairy Free Mango Champagne, which is made with coconut milk.

Wondering what makes Oui’s French yogurt different from other yogurt? While Greek yogurt is strained to remove the whey, creating its trademark thick texture and a tangy feel, French yogurt is made using whole-milk and is unstrained, giving it a rich and creamy texture, with a sweet taste.

I’ve been a fan of Oui’s classic French-style yogurt for a few years now — especially the packaging. After enjoying the yogurt, the beautiful 5 oz. glass pots can be upcycled to create hanging bouquets, candleholders and much more. I currently use the pots to hold toothbrushes and pens in my dorm room.

The spring flavors hit grocery store shelves starting in March at all national retailers with a standard retail price of $1.49 for the core products, and $1.99 for the dairy-free option. All of the new spring Oui yogurts are sold individually.