Yoplait said "yes" to a new market segment recently with the introduction of their French-style yogurt, Oui. It's creamy, fruit-on-the-bottom goodness that they advertise as 'saying "yes" to pleasure'. After years of health-focused Greek yogurt, perhaps the relaxed French style will lead a new wave in the food industry. 

But regardless of being Greek or French, the biggest difference with Oui yogurt is the cup it comes in. As opposed to the standard 5-6 oz plastic container, Yoplait has brought to America the idea of a glass pot for yogurt. 

And this, my fellow crafters, opens up a whole craft bin of possibilities. These glass pots are quite easily separated from their labels, washed, and made ready for your wildest creative dreams. All you have to do is have a snack of yogurt first. To get your creative juices flowing, here are a couple ideas:

Paintbrush Holder 

Camille Balhorn

For the casual watercolor enthusiast, anything goes as far as the water cup. So why not use recycled Oui pots? Their sturdy glass construction minimizes the risk of tipping while their clear quality allows you to see precisely when the water should be changed.

Wedding Decor 

herb, grass
Camille Balhorn

Forget mason jars, use Oui pots! Receive free glass containers by employing your friends and family as yogurt eaters before the wedding. This will save a small fortune on otherwise purchased mason jars and you'll feel great helping to save the planet by reusing. 

Seasonal Crafts 

cake, birthday cake
Camille Balhorn

Are you a poor college student with no money for seasonal decorations? Look no further than Oui yogurt pots! Examine here how two pots with marshmallows inside create a snowman. Other possibilities include jack-o-lanterns, turkeys or Valentines. Warning: lots of hot glue needed.

Pen Holder

tea, beer, coffee
Camille Balhorn

It's time to take your writing utensil holder game to the next level with decorated Oui pots. Become inspired as you write or color while admiring the newspaper, book or magazine clippings you chose to decoupage onto your pot. The possibilities are endless with the decorations and the items the pot will store.

Activities with Kids  

tea, herb, vegetable, grass, water
Camille Balhorn

Get your kids, nieces/nephews or siblings away from their electronics and out into the sunshine with a fun faux terrarium project. Gather flowers, rocks, moss and more to create an environment that any fairy or (glass) snail would love to live in. 

And there you have it: 5 simple ideas with infinite modifications for reusing the Oui pot for crafts. It's cheap, it's easy and it's green. Will YOU be saying "yes" to crafting with Oui yogurt pots?