Last year, Oreo asked fans to submit their ideas for new flavors on social media and boy, did they deliver. From ideas like honey Parmesan and chili mocha, to cannoli and potato chip, the flavor competition was pretty ridiculous. But in the end, three flavors came out on top: Kettle Corn, Cherry Cola, and Piña Colada. Now, we're in the finals, people. Starting today, the new Oreo flavors are in grocery stores, ready for you to give 'em a try and vote on which one reigns supreme. 

The Flavors

The new flavors are interesting, because each isn't unique in the sense that it's a brand new flavor to ever hit your tastebuds, like a new spin on chocolate or vanilla. Each one tastes like another food or drink you've had before, but in Oreo cookie form.

Becca Soverinsky

Take a bite of the Cherry Cola Oreos and you'll find that they really do taste like Cherry Cola, most specifically like the new Diet Coke Zesty Cherry flavor. It's freaky. To emulate the bubbly in soda, they've even added a popping candy (aka Pop Rocks) in the creme, similar to last summer's Fireworks Oreos.

Becca Soverinsky

The taste of the Kettle Corn Oreo seems the most normal for a cookie. It smells like kettle corn, but our office had mixed feelings on the flavor profile—some agreed it tastes like popcorn, some said it tasted like plain butter, and others said it tasted like an Eggo waffle with syrup. 

Becca Soverinsky

The Piña Colada Oreo comes in the Oreo Thins variety. You can close your eyes and imagine it's a tropical cocktail, or you can taste it for what it is—a cookie that kind of smells like sunscreen. This flavor isn't totally inedible. It's like the coconut LaCroix flavor in that you wouldn't necessarily choose in the line up of other flavors, but you'd still drink it if it's all your mom had in the fridge.

How to Vote and Potentially Win a Prize

Once you try each new flavor, you can vote for your favorite at the #MyOreoCreation Contest website or by texting "Vote" to 59526, today through June 30. The creator of the winning flavor will receive a cash prize of $500,000. That's a heck of a lot of dough, so be smart with your voting power.

By submitting a vote for your favorite flavor, you'll also be entered in a contest to win some stuff. You can vote once per day, and each vote you cast will enter you to win one of two prizes. There will be 6,500 first prize winners who will take home $6 in FandangoNOW credit (hey, it's something). FandangoNow is kind of like Redbox, but online. Additionally, 62 grand prize winners will get a whole Movie Prize Pack, including a projector, a movie screen, blanket, and a $30 FandangoNow promo code.

You can load up on Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, and Piña Colada flavors, and stan one or vote for them all. Winners will be chosen at random, so the more you vote, the more likely you'll win. However, the amount of Oreos you consume will have no effect on your standing in the competition, so get wild. Plus, eating Oreos will almost always make you feel like you're winning.