Whether you're a dunker, a twister, or you prefer to eat a whole row of Oreos at once, you are sure to love the latest sweepstakes that Oreo's parent company, Mondelez, has rolled out. The title of this article does not deceive you, Oreo is fully prepared to reward the most creative flavor guru for coming up with a new Oreo flavor, and that very well could be you.

Sweepstakes Details

What exactly is this sweepstakes I speak of? I'm glad you asked. It's called the #MyOREOCreation Contest. Basically, you (yes, you) can create a crazy, yet appetizing, new Oreo flavor and the company will pay you $500,000 if your cookie wins. Just imagine how many packs of Oreos you could buy with that kind of cash. 

Not only will you win money, but Oreo could create and sell your cookie concoction in stores all over the country, you will have access to new Oreo releases and secret prototypes before anyone else, and you will win a trip package to New York City. That's it, I'm sold. 

How To Enter the Sweepstakes

There are four ways to enter the contest: 1) by texting your submission to 59526; 2) by posting your submission on Twitter or Instagram and including #MyOREOCreation #Contest; 3) by responding to an Oreo social media post with your submission and including #MyOREOCreation #Contest; or 4) by registering with your email address on www.myoreocreationcontest.com and following the website's instructions to submit your idea. 

Perhaps the best part of the whole contest (besides the chance to win big bucks, of course) is the fact that you are not limited to one submission. Until July 15th, you can submit one idea per day. Only 57 more days people, clock is ticking.

Start Brainstorming

So take a minute to think of your favorite foods and desserts. Now imagine them in the form of an Oreo cookie. Yeah, I thought you'd like the sound of that. Come 2018 you may be seeing Mermaid Oreos hit the shelves. Or even Artisanal Smoked Matcha Jackfruit Charcoal Oreos. Or maybe, just maybe, the new Oreo flavor could be your brainchild.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and create. After all, if you're reading this article then you must have impeccable taste in food and a finger on the pulse of the latest food trends

For more details and official rules about the contest visit https://mondelez.promo.eprize.com/myoreocreation.