The University of Oregon prides itself on many things. The beautiful scenery, epic food, world-renowned educational programs, and even well-known alumni. But most importantly, the University of Oregon knows how to turn the f*ck up on game day. Ducks don't care if it's raining, hailing, snowing (jk, we don't know how to handle that sh*t), or the nicest day of the year, if there's football, there's tailgating.

And this time of year we bring our A-game, because even if the Ducks sort of suck this season (Marcus, we miss you), the Civil War means serious business. Here's 10 reasons Ducks tailgate harder than Beavers.

1. There's this magical place called 647

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Holly Harkins

Whether it's a noon or 7 pm game, an entire flock of Ducks are getting turnt by 6 am in the notorious backyard of 647. Even from blocks away, you can hear the crushing of Keystone Lights on foreheads, the echoes of blacked out memories from the night before at Taylor's, and beats by some frat star pursuing his dreams of being the next Kygo (chances are slim, but we support you brotha). 

2. Taylor's Bar and Grill

There's a reason Taylor's opens at 11 am. 1) So you can find your debit card from last night, and 2) because it's game day. From the pitchers of AMFs to the the gallons of Coors Light, Taylor's is the official drinking pond for Ducks come Saturday morning.

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Melanie Smith

3. Screaming Sko Ducks to everyone you see on the street

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Nothing rolls off the tongue quite like "SKOOOOO DUCKS." Whether you're screaming it across the room to your BFFL or triumphantly burping it after an epic shotgun, every sentence ends and begins with a Sko Ducks.

4. Running into Hilly's because you've already run out of beer 

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It's a time honored tradition. You thought that 30 rack was going to last you the entire tailgate, but it never does. You find yourself yet again at Hillyard market, spending all of the money you really don't have for the sake of the Ducks. 

5. Going over the river and through the woods 

There is nothing in this world as special as the walk to Autzen Stadium. Apart from the dope scenery and overall good vibes, it gives us 20 precious minutes to finish our drinks. CHUG MOTHA F*CKAHS. 

6. Getting an epic Instagram #views

Did you really go to the game if you didn't get the Insta? The pregame isn't official until you've snatched a pic in front Autzen. Honestly, it's amazing if you if you even make it this far. That walk is long as f*ck and you've already been drinking for hours at this point. There aren't views like this in the corn fields of Corvallis. 

7. Giving it up for Phil Knight

Ever heard of Nike? Duh. Every game day you can expect an epic appearance and a loud drunken cheer for the one and only Uncle Phil. Apart from being the cofounder and CEO of one of the most famous brands in the world, he's also the Oregon Ducks numba one fan. He knows the turn up is real. 

8. Trying and succeeding at not only sneaking yourself, but also your drink into the student section 

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Let's face it, the lottery system is bullsh*t. And a lot of the time we end up stealing our friends' wrist bands and trying to protect the Bud Light that's hiding in our rain jacket hoods. But no matter the situation, the Ducks get the job done. 

9. Grabbing a local brew at the Mo

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Yeah, that sh*t is expensive but we do it anyway. Why? Because our stadium offers dope beers on tap from local breweries. If that's not team spirit than I don't know what is. 

And most importantly... 

10. It never rains in Autzen Stadium 

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Photo by Addie Marsh

At the end of the day, no matter how hard we tailgate or if we win or lose, it never rains in Autzen Stadium.