Fall at the University of Oregon means tailgates, housewarming parties, and nights juuust cold enough that you don’t want to leave the safety of your fuzzy blanket to go pickup some late night snacks. Luckily for you, Eugene has some of the best delivery food around.

Sweet Basil Express


Photo from Sweet Basil Express

It’s pouring rain, you’re out of mac and cheese, and you are starving. There is only one real solution to this classic college struggle: order in Thai food. As the all-time favorite thai place in Eugene and the home of some mean pot stickers, Sweet Basil Express can’t be beat. Trust us, this place is so good they have a menu item called the “Oh My God” roll.



Photo from Chapala’s

There’s a reason Chapala’s delivers more Mexican food than any other place in Eugene. This place has you covered on tacos, burritos, and all your other favorites, but also has you covered with killer shrimp and burgers for those friends who can’t handle a little spice. Do yourself a favor and add on a side of fajita fries. You’ll thank us later.

Dough Co.


Photo by Oregon Spoon

Dough Co is the iconic drunchies delivery of choice in Eugene. From cheesy calzones with dipping sauce to soft cookies with milk, Dough Co has all the carb-filled solutions to your 1 am problems. Plus, with 31 calzone flavors and an irresistible array of oven-warm cookies, everyone is able to find their dough beau.

Duck Sushi


Photo from Duck Sushi

After a long day, nothing sounds better than putting on some footie pajamas and unwinding with Friends reruns and a huge platter of sushi. With inexpensive, fresh sushi and refreshing bubble tea to wash it down, this place simply rules. Whether you go for the classic crunch monster roll or a delicious order of pork fried dumplings, you’ll quickly see why Duck Sushi is the most popular sushi joint in Eugene.

Big Town Hero


Photo from Big Town Hero

Joke as you will about college students eating nothing but sandwiches, ramen, and cereal, but making the perfect sandwich is no easy feat. Big Town Hero lets students go beyond the usual bologna and wonder bread combo with gourmet sandwiches like the Very Berry Turkey, a Thanksgiving themed favorite, and the Arti Parm Chicken — a sandwich with artichoke parmesan spread so good it will make you regret every other boring sandwich you’ve ever eaten.

Pizza Pipeline


Photo by Mayuri Naidoo

Pizza is the universally accessible food: always there for you, always delicious. And at Oregon, Pizza Pipeline reigns supreme, filling more delivery orders than any other place in Eugene. This place has you covered on everything from their classic cheese to the 7th power pizza to their more eccentric taco, bacon cheeseburger deluxe, and thai peanut supreme pizzas. Oh, and don’t forget to add on an order of tricky stix.

Wild Duck Cafe


Photo from Wild Duck Cafe

Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you have to survive on frozen Lean Cuisine meals — college kids deserve locally sourced, gourmet food too. For high end food and local flair, Wild Duck Cafe has you covered with everything from starting line platters and Chips Kelly for your football watch parties, to eggs Benedict with made-from-scratch hollandaise sauce for your lazy Sunday mornings. Because seriously who doesn’t want to order sourdough pancakes for a cozy breakfast in bed?

Cheba Hut


Photo from Cheba Hut

If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Eugene counter culture and a delivery guy who won’t judge you for answering the door with red, glazy eyes —don’t stress, it’s legal now — you better put in a call to Cheba Hut. This stoner-inspired restaurant can hook you up with cotton mouth cures, munchies, fresh herbs, and top shelf sandwiches in three sizes: nugs, pinners, and blunts. Even if weed culture isn’t your thing, Cheba Hut has a spicy chicken sub and rice krispie bars you don’t want to miss out on.