As students at the University of Delaware, we are blessed with the ice cream mecca that is UDairy Creamery. The endless list of flavors can even leave ice cream lovers indecisive. Whether your next visit is as a reward for doing well on an exam or if you are just really in the mood for stellar dessert, make sure you are trying some of their best.

After you navigate the bus app to find out how to even get yourself to South Campus, you might need some inspiration to make sure you're making the correct choice.

5. Raspberry Cheesecake

sweet, milk, cake, cream, chocolate
Maddie Jablonski

All you need is to read the name to know what you're in for. The cheesecake flavored ice cream provides the perfect amount of sweetness when mixed with a raspberry swirl and graham cracker crumbs. It's the closest flavor to the real thing and it doesn't disappoint. 

4. Peanut-Cocoa-Loco

chocolate ice cream, cream, chocolate, ice cream, ice
Maddie Jablonski

Reese's fans will find their Flex declining fast after they taste this popular flavor.  The chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirls gives the popular candy a massive upgrade. To make it even more enticing, Reese's pieces are added in to provide a perfect ratio of the infamous chocolate-peanut combo. 

3. Ton-A-Toffee

cupcake, sprinkles, buttercream, cream, cake
Maddie Jablonski

This perfectly sweet flavor is made with vanilla malt ice cream, which makes it even creamier than your typical ice cream. The vanilla base is finished off with toffee pieces and a caramel swirl. It's not overly sweet, with just the right amount of mix-ins for someone who's looking for something simple, yet delicious. Pair it with sprinkles in UD's colors and you have the ultimate after class treat. 

2. Twice Twisted

dairy, ice, dairy product, milk, chocolate, sweet, cream
Maddie Jablonski

If you're a fan of Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked, it's a no brainer to try Twice Twisted. The vanilla and chocolate ice cream twist is sprinkled with chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie bites will leave your tastebuds wanting more, without breaking your wallet like the pint of Ben & Jerry's you go through every week. While some would never add onto this delicious masterpiece, you can never go wrong by ordering it in a waffle cone with chocolate sprinkles 

1. All Nighter

cream, chocolate, ice, ice cream
Maddie Jablonski

This flavor will always hold its number one spot on the list because every college student needs coffee. The coffee ice cream is layered with cookie dough pieces, chocolate sandwich cookies and a caramel swirl that is bound to make you feel a buzz, compared to plain old coffee.

Next time you decide to stop into UDairy, try some of these to guarantee you're tasting the best. Also, make sure to look out for their seasonal offerings like Apple Cider Donut and Pumpkin Cheesecake in the fall and Irish Coffee Cake around St. Patty's Day.  Be sure to also thank you parents when they add more Flex to support your new found addiction.