Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day is essentially the most legendary free food event ever. Every year, Ben and Jerry themselves hand out free ice cream all day, no matter how many people show up, from sun up to sun down.

So maybe that’s not entirely true, but they do hand out free ice cream at participating locations from 12 until 8 PM, which is pretty frickin awesome.

Since it is so well-known, you’re bound to run into a long-a** line. The wait is inevitable and because I want you to be prepared, here are 14 thoughts that will most likely run through your brain at some point while waiting for your free cone.

1. WOO, free ice cream!

This kind of nonsense doesn’t happen every day. Specifically only one day per year, so obvi you should be excited. We won’t judge if you actually yell this when you receive your hard earned ice cream.

 2. Oh hey, 100 people got here before me. Good thing I have 32 different social media apps to catch up on.

You’re gonna be in line for a while, so might as well be productive and turn your GroupMe back on.

 3. If they run out of ice cream I’m going to get hostile.

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Oh ice cream gods, in the name of all things holy, I hope and pray that Ben and Jerry’s will not run out of ice cream between the times of 12 and 8PM on Tuesday, April 14th.

 4. I’m sweating.

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Maybe you’ll have time to change before class, but probably not. Doesn’t matter. You’ve got ice cream.

 5. If I miss my class because of this….

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I’ll comfort myself knowing it was in the pursuit of free ice cream! All is good.

6. Please tell your child to shut up.

Who thought it would be a good idea to bring a kid to an amusement park-sized line?

7. Seriously, why can’t you control your child?

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Remind me to never have a child. 

8. They better give me extra ice cream for waiting in line.

I know it’s free, but just look how sane I’m managing to stay in this line.

9. Considering a career in the ice cream business. Honestly.

I mean you could get free ice cream daily, while someone pays YOU. Yasssss.

Ben and Jerry’s is currently hiring for the summer. Just saying.

 10. Wouldn’t it be better if Ben and Jerry’s just put all their ice cream bins outside on the street for people to eat out of?

Maybe. But part of the Free Cone Day experience is having an existential crisis in line.

 11. I should have brought a friend. *I’m all alone and there’s no one here beside meeee*

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This is a time where it’s ok to be selfish. The line might be boring, but more ice cream for YOU. Stay strong.

12. I now understand what opportunity cost is (shout out to Econ). This ice cream is actually really frickin expensive.

Nothing is really free, but the taste of ice cream is priceless.

 13. Can’t wait to Insta this cone.

It will be worth the wait once you foodstagram and #FreeConeDay hashtag your beautiful victory, making all your friends peanut butter and jealous (see what I did there).

P.S. All the pictures in this article are from Ben and Jerry’s Insta. If that isn’t foodstagrammable, I don’t know what is.

 14. This line honestly doesn’t look that bad now that I have a #FreeCone in my hand.

This is the entire point of Free Cone Day. Those who stay will be champions (shameless UMich pride).

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