Although Maltesers are one of the most popular chocolates in the UK and malt is used in some milkshakes, malt as a flavour is still relatively uncommon. Thanks to malted milk powder, it can be added to a variety of foods to bring out a whole new element to the dish. 


It’s super easy to add to baking recipes to add an extra element. Experiment with making malted milk ball cupcakes by making a chocolate base and then flavouring your buttercream icing with some malt powder. Top with a couple of whole Maltesers and you’re ready to impress.


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Vedika Luthra

Malt is an amazing flavour in cookies – try this recipe for lightly malted cookies. If you’re not ready to commit to the full malt experience, you can add in some powder to your chocolate chip cookie dough as detailed here


Obviously malt and chocolate is a classic combination, so why not add some to your brownies. Add a few tablespoons to your batter (you might want to use less sugar in this case) or some crushed malted milk balls for a new take on a classic. 

Malted Whipped Cream

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Balim Tezel

If you’re eager to add malt to everything, why not make some malted whipped cream for easy malt-ification? Simply whip some cream (or squirt it out of a bottle – no judgement) and fold in some malt powder. Perfect on top of hot chocolate or a sundae. 

Malted Ice Cream

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Emily Genzer

Malt makes for super addictive ice cream. If you’re fancy enough to actually make your own (#goals), add some malted milk powder to your ice cream base just before you refrigerate it. This works super well with chocolate or vanilla flavours, but feel free to experiment.


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Helena Lin

If you’re feeling a liquid version of malt, there are lots of ways to drink it besides the classic milkshake. Add some powder to warm milk and you’ve got yourself a calming bedtime treat. Mix it into your hot chocolate for a perfect wintry beverage, or blend it with a banana and some milk for a great post-workout snack. 


Okay, this idea is a bit out there, but give it a chance. Season your lamb with a couple tablespoons of malt powder, cumin, and rosemary for a creative twist on lamb noodles. 


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Rafi Letzter

Malted flavours wouldn’t go amiss in the sweet, complex taste of barbequed ribs. Sneak a couple tablespoons of the powder into your barbeque sauce before slow cooking the ribs and wait for the compliments to roll in.