If you attended New York Fashion Week, you might have noticed some HAUTE new couture. Believe it or not, everyone's beloved snack brand, Cheetos, released the cheesiest line called Flamin' Haute, and the models were looking like SNACKS! Their fashion show was super exclusive, inspired by social media fans, and did NOT disappoint. Here's everything you need to know about Cheetos Flamin' Haute. 

What is Flamin' Haute? 

Cheetos have actually sold clothing in the past, but this line is HAUTE. Chester Cheetah said it best on twitter; "If you're gonna look like a snack, pick the best snack there is." They are delivering straight fire with their Flamin' Haute line that includes cheesy makeup, hairstyles and nail art, and I have a feeling there will be even more to come. 

Even though it might be a little cheesy, I think Chester Cheetah is an absolute fashion icon. I mean, who wouldn't want to rock all those bright orange delicious looks? Warning: you'll look so delicious, people might mistake you for an actual Cheeto.

The Event

On September 5th, the fashion show showcased 21 "high-fashion-yet-playful" pieces that were all Cheeto themed (AMAZING). According to a press release, the line was inspired by consumers (mainly social media fans) and their own interpretations of what the Cheetos look means to them. The brand even took to social media marketing and encouraged fans to use the hashtag #CheetosFlaminHaute for a chance to see the show. 

Flamin' Haute is sooo hot that Cheetos was able to recruit some of the best influencers and stylists to model and promote the looks. Some of them include @luanna, @saweetie@hungryhipsters, @thenavarose, and @stylistjbolin. Top influencers and stylists weren't the only people rocking Flamin' Haute at fashion week. You could actually book an appointment at their bar if you wanted to rock the cheesy looks! Apparently the appointments went super fast, which is honestly no surprise. 

Will YOU Be Rocking Flamin' Haute?

I have yet to find success in purchasing Flamin' Haute online, but I will keep you updated. The main takeaway is that Cheetos Flamin' Haute DOES exist, and all the cool kids will be rocking it. Just wait and see. In the mean time, you can shop previous lines of Cheetos fashion at Forever 21 and Amazon! If you love Cheetos, trust me when I say you will LOVE rocking your favorite snack as a fashion statement. 

NYFW might have come to an end, but this line is forever. Show some love for Cheetos by following them on Instagram and showing them how you would rock their cheesy goodness. I love how this line was literally created because Instagram exists. You never know what will happen next in the world of social media, but Cheetos (and Chester Cheetah) is clearly killing it.