Anyone who knows me, knows that Cheetos are very important. When I attempted to copy a super model's diet, the food that my body craved the most was Cheetos. I tend to eat Cheetos at least three times a week and they are truly an integral part of my diet. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to try 11 different Cheetos flavors.

Emma Glubiak

In order to write this ranking, I went to 7-Eleven and my local grocery store and was able to find seven different flavors of Cheetos. I have tried four other flavors before, so when I combined my previous Cheetos tasting experience with the flavors that I bought, I came up with 11 flavors.

There are 16 total types of Cheetos on their site, but since I couldn't find them at the stores I went to, I figure they aren't that popular. After an afternoon (and a lifetime) filled with Cheetos, I feel qualified to give you this ranking.

11.  XXtra Flamin' Hot

This may be an unpopular opinion, but XXtra Flamin' Hot Cheetos are too damn hot. I love spicy foods, but these sacrifice all the flavor for the hotness. One of the best parts of Cheetos is the tangy, cheesy flavor and these have none of that and a ton of heat.

10. Flamin' Hot Puffs

The Flamin' Hot Puff is very rare. I found these a few months ago and decided to give them a try. These are low on the list for two reasons: flavor and texture. There's no denying that puffy Cheetos get stuck in your teeth which is not fun. Also, once again, the spicy flavor overpowered the cheesy flavor.

9. Puffs

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Emma Glubiak

I'm not trying to offend my Puff-loving friends, but Puffs will never rank higher than Crunchy Cheetos. As evidenced by this HuffPost ranking, there are a lot of Puff lovers out there; however, the texture is too much for me to get over.

I simply can't handle having to go to the bathroom to pick Cheetos out of my teeth every time I crack open a bag. 

8. Cheetos Paws

Emma Glubiak

Cheetos Paws were discontinued so people were very excited to see them back on the shelves earlier this year. Unfortunately, they are pretty much the same as Cheetos Puffs, but their fun shapes gives them a slightly higher ranking. Also, they have a bit of a lighter texture which makes them less likely to get stuck in your teeth than the classic Puffs.

7. Baked Crunchy

When compared with regular crunchy Cheetos, the Oven Baked Cheetos are substantially healthier. They have less than half the fat content and 50 fewer calories per serving. 

Sadly, they just do NOT measure up taste-wise. They actually have a slight cardboard-like taste that means they get a relatively low ranking.

6. Flamin' Hot

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Emma Glubiak

People LOVE Flamin' Hot Cheetos. I've seen too many viral articles like this Buzzfeed one that laud them as the greatest snack food ever. I 100% disagree. Flamin' Hot Cheetos sacrifice everything that is tasty about Cheetos for pure spiciness.

Also, they cause tons of very real digestive issues. The only reason they are so high on this list is because they do have the amazing texture of a classic Crunchy Cheeto.

5. Munchies

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Emma Glubiak

Munchies Snack Mix contains Sun Chips, Doritos, Rold Gold Pretzels and, of course, Cheetos. The Cheetos in this mix, surprisingly do not taste exactly like regular Crunchy Cheetos.

The flavor from the Sun Chips rubs off onto the Cheetos in the bag and honestly, I didn't hate it. If you get bored easily, Munchies is a great option.

4. Baked White Cheddar Puffs

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Baked White Cheddar Puffs. They are a different texture than classic Puffs, meaning they don't get so stuck in your teeth.

They have none of the cardboard taste of the Baked Crunchy Cheetos and have an excellent tangy cheddar flavor. All that and they are healthier than regular Cheetos? I call that a home-run. 

3. Paprika Spinners

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Elizabeth Layman

I tried Paprika Spinners when I studied abroad in The Netherlands and fell in love. They taste exactly like a Dorito but with the texture of a Cheeto. What more could you ask for?

Unfortunately they are only available in Europe, so if you are ever across the pond, be sure to pick some of these beauties up.

2. Flamin' Hot Chipotle Ranch

Emma Glubiak

The Flamin' Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos shocked me. I went into my first bite thinking I would hate them, but they turned out to be pretty great.

Unlike the Flamin' Hot Cheetos, their spicy flavor was balanced out nicely by the ranch flavors. This gave the snack some amazing dimension. I could definitely see myself downing a bag of these.

1. Crunchy

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Emma Glubiak

Of course, the best Cheetos flavor is the classic Crunchy Cheeto. There is simply nothing better. They are perfectly cheesy, texture is crunchy and doesn't get stuck in your teeth and have a nice tangy aftertaste. These are the Cheetos that started my addiction, and will always be my number one.

Some may disagree with this ranking and that's okay. I encourage all my Cheeto-obsessed readers to go on the same journey that I did. Head to your local grocery store and pick up all the Cheetos flavors that you can get your hands on. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover a new favorite snack.