I don't usually drink a lot of milk. When I do decide to drink it, I usually go for a dairy-milk alternative such as soy or almond milk. That's why I was very intrigued to discover that peanut milk exists. Yes, you heard me right—peanut milk. But it doesn't stop there. To my delight, this company called Elmhurst also makes other unusual diary-free nut-milk alternatives, and the varieties included cashew, hazelnut, and walnut milks. So naturally, I had to order a few to try them for myself.

The brand

Matthew Wenger

Elmhurst, a New York based company, specializes in producing "minimally processed nutmilks," which lack the preservatives and thickeners that other popular brands commonly contain. Originally a conventional dairy company, Elmhurst now has turned its focus to plant-based products with the help of Dr. Cheryl Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell perfected the process of making "milked plants" that could serve as their own stabilizers and thickeners. As a bonus, these plant milks are full of nutrients from the starting materials (aka the nuts). The company credits the creamy texture to a process called cold milling, which extracts key nutrients like protein and fat from the whole ingredients (in this case, the nuts). This process is how they avoid the need of additives in their products, because the cold milling removes any need for fortification.

Elmhurst has a wide variety of nutmilks available (such as cashew or peanut), as well as grain-based milks like brown rice or oats. I decided to try a few of the nutmilks, in hopes of finding a new alternative to my usual almond milk. I ordered cashew, hazelnut, and peanut milks and happily awaited their delivery.

Cashew milk

Matthew Wenger

I was familiar with the idea of cashew milk, but had not been given the chance to try it before. I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth and creamy texture, especially because some dairy-free milk alternatives tend to be watery or thin. This feat can likely be attributed Elmhurst's cold milling process, which makes this company so unique. 

As for the taste, this product had a mild flavor with a pleasant cashew aftertaste. Out of the three products that I tried, I think the miked cashews would make the best everyday alternative to regular dairy milk. It could be a refreshing drink on its own or a great addition to a bowl of your favorite cereal.

Hazelnut milk

Matthew Wenger

I absolutely loved the milked hazelnuts. Right when I opened the carton, there was a mouth-watering hazelnut smell. Similar to the cashew milk, the product had a smooth and silky texture, with a slightly off-white coloring. 

The milk had just the right level of sweetness, originating from the drink's minimal amount of cane sugar. Even with this touch of sweetness, the drink only contains 5g of added sugar per serving. The taste was nutty and rich, with slight hint of vanilla. This product would serve as a great addition to coffee, acting as an alternative to the traditional creamers on the market that tend to be highly processed.

Peanut milk

Matthew Wenger

The concept of peanut milk was completely new to me, but the idea didn't feel too far fetched once I realized that it seems like every other type of nut milk exists. Why not peanuts too? Elmhurst calls this new product milked peanuts, staying on brand with the rest of the nutmilk line.

#SpoonTip: This product also comes in a chocolate variety, made especially for dessert lovers.

This peanut milk packs a punch, hitting you with a strong peanut smell the moment you open the carton. If you love peanuts or peanut butter, you will probably love this milk. It has a rich and creamy texture that would make it perfect in smoothies or decadent desserts, but don't be afraid to try drinking it by itself too. It's refreshing and packs 31 peanuts in every glass, making it a nutritious dairy milk replacement. 

Elmhurst offers such a wide range of dairy-milk alternatives, which are a great way to switch up your diet and try something new. Whether you want to try incorporating the products into your every day diet, or just as a dairy-free alternative for an occasional recipe, these nutmilks are sure to be a hit.