Remember when Yogos or Dunkaroos made you the most envied kid during snack time? Or when eating Dinosaur Eggs and Oreos for breakfast was acceptable? I lived for those cereals that were waaaay overpriced and made of pure sugar (and let's be honest, I still do). Yet I remember those tasty after-school snacks and wonder, what ever happened to them?

These foods were the best part of coming home from school after a hard day of math, and a recess that wasn't long enough. Now, as a college student in my junior year, I'm more nostalgic than ever. Although we might not be able to bring some of them back, we can still drool over them and get some major 90's feels for these snacks.

1. Quaker Oatmeal Dinosaur Eggs 

I remember as a kid absolutely LOVING these. Now, I'm not so sure. Eating Dinosaur Eggs in mushy oatmeal? Maybe it's best that I'm not eating this nowadays. 

2. Potato Sticks 

Because sticks were way better than chips. I don't know what it is about these things, but I chose them over potato chips every single time. 

3. Oreo O's Cereal 

Ahhh, dessert for breakfast. This was my kind of meal. There's no better way to wake up than with a bowl of cookies.

4. Dunkaroos

I remember begging my mom for Dunkaroos each week as we approached the snack aisle at the grocery store. When these made it home with us, you could never expect them to last long before they were devoured. 

5. Wonder Ball

The classic Wonder Ball. I'd rather have the inside be filled with chocolate, but then again, seeing which Disney character was inside was the best part.

6. French Toast Crunch Cereal 

Much like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, this was a precious commodity my household. There's nothing like taking a breakfast food and making it into an even better breakfast food.

7. Gripz

These appeared a little later in the game, but having your favorite snacks as a miniature size was just plain cool. 

8. Rice Krispie Treats Cereal 

It was always the worst when my mom accidentally bought plain Rice Krispies instead of Rice Krispie Treats. They just weren't the same. 

9. Yogos

Like Gripz, these Kellogg's fruit-flavored bites also appeared a bit later in the snack game, but man, they were satisfying. You would trade anything in my lunchbox for a pack of these. 

10. Fruit-Shaped Trix Cereal 

And last but not least, the classic Trix cereal. Yes, I know this still exists. But c'mon, the fruit shapes were what sealed the deal for everyone. A big bowl of this in the morning was sure to get you through the day. mostly because it's a ton of sugar.