As a '90s kid, I remember eating tons of cereal. I was an adventurous kid, always wanting to try something new. As I look back to the glory days, there are a ton of cereals that I once enjoyed that I can no longer devour. Unfortunately, I'm here to tell you 10 of the cereals that make the '90s nostalgia realer than ever.

1. Oreo O's

There was once a cereal that looked and tasted like our favorite cookies, which would be super useful for college students nowadays. We all need that motivation in the morning, so bring back Oreos for breakfast. 

2. Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears

Teddy Grahams are still around for us to enjoy as a snack. However, there used to be a Teddy Grahams cereal that came in honey, cinnamon and chocolate varieties. According to a television ad, they were "burstin' with wholesome graham goodness."

3. Reptar Crunch

Our good ol' friends the Rugrats (when they weren't All Grown Up or whatever) had their own cereal. Us '90s kids got to eat away the Reptars that were chasing Tommy, Chucky, Angelica, and the rest of the gang. 

4. Ralston Spider Man Cereal

This cereal was released in 1995 when the Spider-Man cartoon aired on Fox. Despite all the Spider-Man movies that were released since the 90's, this cereal has not really made a comeback. We really miss those symbolic marshmallows. 

5. Berry Berry Kix

Kix still exists; however, the berry flavor was a '90s favorite. I remember it tasting like a mixture of Kix and Trix. It was a little corny and a little fruity.

6. Cinnamon Mini Buns

Cinnamon Mini Buns were kind of a double-take on breakfast. They were made of corn and whole-grain oats and the crispy fun-sized cereal had the look and taste of cinnamon buns. Cinnamon Mini Buns were definitely a fun treat before a long day of learning. 

7. Sprinkle Spangles

Sprinkle Spangles was a representation birthday cake for breakfast. The cereal was star-shaped and covered with multi-colored sprinkles. It sort of reminds us of Sprinkled Cookie Crisp (which was once a thing, btw). 

8. Hidden Treasures

All of the corn squares looked the same. However, some had hidden fruit centers, while others did not. Hidden Treasures cereal would help kids wake up in the morning by opening their minds. Clever idea, General Mills. 

9. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal

The plain Rice Krispies still exist, but there used to be a cereal that tasted a lot less bland. Rice Krispies Treats cereal was actually sugar-coated and tasted like your favorite marshmallow goodness. 

10. Pop-Tarts Crunch

There was once a cereal that was made out of mini Pop-Tarts — those were the days. They had two flavors: strawberry and brown sugar. Ingenious. Unfortunately, the cereal was discontinued in 1995. 

The nostalgia is so real right now.