Most people don’t even remember when they first tried Pop-Tarts. The memory is hazy, but brings back a wave of friendly nostalgia. Who doesn’t love PopTarts? Oops – that’s a rhetorical question! Spoon Wisco brought PopTarts, everyone’s childhood breakfast snack to campus on Thursday to see which flavor conquers all as Pop-Tart President. Pop-Tarts packaged up almost 300 of their toasted breakfast pastries (but are they really just a breakfast food?) and let Spoon Wisco take the reigns.


Photo by Brandon Fishman

Students walking to class around campus were able to come and vote for their candidate for Pop-Tart President, and were allowed to take a free Pop-Tart as well. With the sun beaming down and the temperature sky rocketing at 60 degrees, the event was an enormous success.

Passersby were asked to vote for their personal favorite from an immense array of choices. There were four categories, meant to model after political parties in government. The four categories were Fruity Party, Nutty Party, Chocolatey Party, and Bakery Party. Under each category, there were names of different PopTarts flavors which correlated to the overarching “party.”

In total, 504 people cast their votes and allowed the Spoon team to draw some conclusions.

Coming out on top was Brown Sugar Cinnamon, with 49 votes, followed by a close tie between Chocolate Fudge and Cookies and Cream, each with 39 votes.

By category, out of the Fruity Party, the Wildlicious Wild Berry walked away with 28 votes. Out of the Nutty Party, the Frosted Chocolate Peanut Butter stole the show against the Frosted PB & J (not a shocker).

Within the Chocolatey Party it got pretty competitive, but Chocolate Fudge came out victorious. Finally within the Bakery Party, Brown Sugar Cinnamon won overall.


Photo by Avery Allen

Is there any other way to start your Thursday than with a free Pop-Tart? We think not.

Check out the live taping of the event below and follow us on Snapchat at SpoonTV.