M&M's, like many brands, has an array of different options aside from the original, such as peanut, and even a sparkly kind. I recently saw that vanilla cupcake M&M's exist, and decided they would be worth trying out. They may not be as good as the popular pretzel flavor, but they sounded fun regardless.

I went to my local Target to search for them, but had trouble locating them in the candy aisle among many other types of M&M's. I thought I was out of luck, but an employee guided me to a different area, where Easter candy was, which is where I found the vanilla cupcake M&M's. I suppose that seems fitting.

First Glance

The packaging is a cute purple with different colored polka dots on the sides, and features a green M&M, holding a tray of cupcakes, with M&M's on them of course. The package says "made with white chocolate" which kind of threw me off since I didn't know where the vanilla flavor comes in. Maybe the shell was the white chocolate, but I'm not sure.

The packaging also features pastel colored M&M's, going with the Easter theme, so I hoped they would look the same when I opened it up. The candies inside were beautiful, and immediately reminded me of the Easter season, and I got the typical M&M smell wafting from the bag. When I leaned closer for a larger whiff, I could smell hints of the flavor advertised. I couldn't decide if they smelled more like the white chocolate they were made with, or the vanilla cupcake, or maybe some combination of both, but either way they smelled yummy.

Taste Test

I'm not one for cupcakes in general, but when it comes to cake flavored things, count me in. I heard that M&M's also has a birthday cake flavor, which I wondered how it would differ from this kind, but I found that it is a chocolate cake flavoring, rather than vanilla. I popped the first one in my mouth, and holy crap it was so yummy.

I definitely tasted the typical cake batter flavor that I love in food like ice cream. It was very sweet, and a bit overwhelming at the end so I probably couldn't eat too many, but overall I very much enjoyed it. I bit half of the second one and got a look at the white chocolate/vanilla cupcake/whatever it really was flavor inside. It appears to be a thick, relatively solid consistency with a cream color to it.

A Sweet Easter Treat

I grabbed three more, this time I got a green, blue, and yellow color, making me feel in full spring mode. As I said before, I probably could not eat a whole lot of these at once, as they may make me feel sick, but a few at a time make for a nice kick of something super sweet when necessary.

I searched the bag to find out the flavor mystery that was still bothering me, and unless I'm missing something I saw nothing indicating any vanilla flavoring, which causes me to have a lot of questions. All in all, if you're a fan of this type of flavor, I'd recommend trying these candies this spring.