Around mid-November each year, grocery stores begin stocking shelves with the newest holiday-themed foods and candies. This includes the highly anticipated M&M's flavors that only make an appearance around this time of year. It seems like every year there is even more variety than the last when it comes to holiday snacks, especially in Target's beloved Christmas aisles.

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Emma Salters

As I made my weekly trip to Target a few days ago, I spotted a new M&M's flavor that deserves its own personal moment of glory: Shimmery White Chocolate M&M's. I stopped dead in my tracks to take a look at this enticing flavor and immediately became skeptical of whether these M&M's actually shimmer like their name claims.

"Do they have real glitter on them?" "Can they make my mouth shimmery?" These were a few of the questions I silently asked myself as I stood in front of the M&M's display for a few moments.

I eventually decided to throw a bag in my cart before proceeding with the rest of my shopping so I could find out for myself. I figured $3 was worth satisfying my curiosity.

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Emma Salters

As soon as I got home, I ripped open the bag to inspect the M&M's. I poured a handful into my palm, but it was a bit too dark where I was standing in my kitchen to detect any shimmer. I walked over to a lamp and held a handful of them directly under the light. Lo and behold, they did shimmer as I shuffled them around in my hands.

The shimmer is subtle, but noticeable enough to make you feel extra merry around the holiday season.

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Emma Salters

Although they aren't covered in edible glitter like I had originally imaged, the M&M's do have a golden sheen that is especially apparent when light hits them. Poured in a bowl, the shimmery red, green, and white colors would add an inexpensive and festive element to any dorm room or apartment.

Oh, and did I mention that they're also delicious? Try them in this recipe for slutty brownies with M&M's, marshmallows, pretzels, and peppermint bark. The white chocolate will add an even sweeter flavor to the brownies that could put any Grinch in the Christmas spirit.