If you are anything like me, your favorite candy is a small, colorful, chocolate-filled morsel otherwise known as the M&M. When I decide to indulge in a few handfuls of this popular candy, I usually go for the classic milk chocolate, but little did I know there are over eleven different kinds of M&Ms.

So, I decided to conduct a blind taste test. While I love chocolate and could probably taste test these on my own, I decided to enlist some hungry friends and see what they thought about these different flavors.

I set up cups with each type of M&M and labeled each cup with a letter. I had each taste tester try each type of M&M, give feedback on each flavor and rank them from one to eleven. So without further ado, here is the definitive ranking of eleven different kinds of M&Ms.

11. Birthday Cake


Photo by Morgan Weinstein


“Very artificial”


Moral of the story, next time you are throwing a birthday party, invest in a real cake and leave these candies at the store.

10. Dark Chocolate


Photo by Morgan Weinstein


“No flavor”

While I love the health benefits of dark chocolate, most of my taste testers were unimpressed with this flavor.

9. Mega

“It’s definitely larger”

“I feel more satisfied”

“Too crunchy”

“Disappointing, it’s just a big M&M”

After reading these reviews, I’m not sure bigger is better.

8. Mint


Photo by Morgan Weinstein

“Tastes like a thin mint”

“Refreshing minty flavor”

“It kind of tastes like the candies you get at the end of a meal at a restaurant”

If you are a big mint fan, these may just be the candy for you!

7. Classic Milk Chocolate



Despite the relatively low scores this classic candy received, it is still my favorite. Bonus: you can find milk chocolate M&Ms in all sorts of fun seasonal designs and colors. While I was at the store, I found green ones leftover from St. Patrick’s Day and colorful pastel eggs for Easter.

6. Peanut


Photo by Morgan Weinstein

“I like the crunch”

“Overwhelmingly nutty and not in a good way”

“Very overwhelming peanut flavor”

Though the taste testers weren’t nuts for this flavor, it did better than half of the flavors.

5. Pretzel

“Too hard”

“Great combination of salty and sweet”

“Nice and crunchy”

These are my favorite new flavor. As a bonus, they are only 150 calories per bag!

4. Dark Chocolate Peanut

“Very nice nutty flavor”

“I know this is a nut, but not sure which one”

“I have definitely never tried this flavor, but I am a fan”

While many taste testers were confused by this flavor, it received uniformly good reviews.

3. Almond

“Very interesting”

“Can definitely taste the almond flavor”

“Perfect ratio of almond and chocolate”

Almonds are always a good idea.

2. Peanut Butter

“Very creamy and satisfying”

“It’s a bit of a Reese’s Pieces knock off, but still delicious”

Yes, it may be a knock off Reese’s Pieces, but it is still extremely delicious, so go cheat on Reese’s and indulge!

1. Crispy


Photo by Morgan Weinstein

“The best”

“Tastes like a rice crispy with a nice crunch”

“Takes me right back to my childhood”

This ’90s flavor is making a comeback, so unleash your inner DJ Tanner and indulge!

Moral of the story is, you really cannot go wrong with most of these flavors, except for birthday cake. Next time you are looking for a sugar rush, try and explore the candy aisle and see what unusual flavors are your favorite!

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