Why should you only be treating yourself and feeling good this Valentine's Day if you have a hot date? Take some time for you and your closest friends this year on Galentine's Day and indulge in some of Nashville's best restaurants with great food and spectacular ambiance. My top picks would be:

1. 5th & Taylor

rice, corned beef, bacon, egg yolk, pork, meat, beef, fried egg, egg, hash
Julia Evans

5th & Taylor, located exactly at that location, is the best place that you can go on a date with your best friend this Galentine's Day. Not only is the food unique and delicious, but the menu is constantly changing with new creations. The ambiance of 5th & Taylor will make you forget why you didn't want to be single in the first place. Plus, the chef usually makes a little something special for the table.

2. Kayne Prime

ice cream, ice, brownie, cream, cake, chocolate
Claire Kelsey

Although a bit pricier than 5th & Taylor, Kayne Prime will leav you more satisfied than ever. Some feature dishes include Risotto Tater Tots and Cotton Candy Bacon (see above). Make sure to dress a little nicer for this higher end steakhouse and prepare for a classy evening with flavorful and unique food.

3. Moto

cheese, cream, fettuccine, pasta, tagliatelle, sauce
Peaches Memishian

This M-Street Italian restaurant has a new urban vibe that is perfect for a date night with your BFF. With many different pasta choices, pizzas, and fresh meat and fish, all types of eaters will be happy here. P.S. Make sure to try the Blueberry Lasagna for dessert because treat yo self.

4. Virago

sushi, salmon
Sydney Rosenstein

You really can't go wrong with a sushi night here at Virago. They have some of the most exotic and delicious tasting dishes in town and are the best place to have a fun night with your friends. Do try the brussels sprouts, they are to die for. 

5. Two Ten Jack

macaroni, fettuccine, spaghetti, sauce, pasta
Julia Evans

If you want a different vibe, make your way over to Two Ten Jack in East Nashville. Here, you can try different flavors of ramen among your friends and get to taste some of each. Also, be sure to order garlic noodles as a side or starter.

6. Saint Anejo

cake, pizza
Julia Evans

Also an M-Street favorite, grab a group of your friends and celebrate the weekend before Galentine's day with a big brunch. Don't forget to try the breakfast burrito (see above) or the monkey bowl. If you go at night, indulge in many different unique taco combinations.

7. Le Sel

fried egg, cheese, egg
Julia Evans

Le Sel, located very close to Vanderbilt's Campus, is an adorable French restaurant with a very quaint and happy atmosphere. I recommend going to brunch here with a small group of friends and trying several of the items a la carte. If you can't make it to brunch, go later in the day and enjoy their rich and cheesy mac n cheese.

With many options for where and what to eat your feelings of this coming Galentine's Day, you should be feeling more than satisfied. Take the time to do something fun and delicious for you and your friends and celebrate the love you have for one another in the spirit of the holiday.