For me, the ice cream obsession isn’t seasonal. Yes, summertime calls for an overdose of ice cream, but I struggle with this craving year-round.

I've had a hardcore sweet tooth basically since birth, so at this point, my family and friends would say it's out of control.

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Lauren Lamothe

Both at home and at school, I have my go-to ice cream places.

In Madison, it's safe to say Chocolate Shoppe is my second home, but a dose of Daily Scoop at the Terrace also takes the cake during the nice weather. Despite the pricey scoop at Kilwins, sometimes I bite the bullet and say YOLO. 

cream, ice, chocolate, milk, ice cream, whipped cream, dairy product
Lauren Lamothe

At Chocolate Shoppe, I always walk in and ask to try at least two flavors before I make my decision. But, I always try two flavors and go back to my usual: either Zanzibar Chocolate (rich and creamy goodness) or Mint Avalanche (think mint chocolate chip on drugs). As for Daily Scoop, I get Badger Blast every time without fail. 

chocolate, ice, cream, ice cream
Lauren Lamothe

Back home in NY and living near the border of Connecticut, I have my fair share of favorites. But, nothing can beat the soft serve of Deborah Ann's. Every single time I'm home I find myself overdosing on soft serve at Debs, King Kone, and Ridgefield Ice Cream.

cream, chocolate, ice, milk, coffee, ice cream
Lauren Lamothe

Because there isn't really a place to get soft serve at school, I usually get a twist in a cup with rainbow sprinkles at home. I can't choose when it comes to vanilla and chocolate soft serve because they are both just so creamy and smooth, which is why I do a twist. I'm a creature of habit, so I often don't differ from this order. Besides, the sprinkles make it come all together. 

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Lauren Lamothe

Because I have so many flavor cravings, after dinner every night I feel need to take a trip (the queen in me thinking that there is a money tree in my backyard). Instead of saving my money or spending it on things I actually need, I'm spending it on ice cream. You can imagine why my parents aren't too thrilled.

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Lauren Lamothe

When I decide that my money tree has run out and it’s time to grocery shop, my go-to flavors are Breyer's Coconut Fudge or Friendly's Vienna Mocha Chunk. My fridge always has to have at least one container of ice cream inside.

Along with my go-to spots and my on-the-couch favorites at home, this doesn't mean the addiction stops there. I often find myself scrolling through ice cream places on Yelp or stalking ice cream places that pop up on my Instagram Explore page to add to my ice cream bucket list.

Looks like I won't be stopping this addiction anytime soon.