Let's be real. We are all snacking a lot right now. We definitely deserve it, and we should definitely enjoy it, but it's important to still be healthy. Here are my 5 current favorite quarantine snacks! 

1. Avocado toast With / Without Eggs 

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Denise Uy

Avocados can be really expensive, but fortunately my local Trader Joe's has had pretty inexpensive bundles of 5 in stock. Usually avocado toast is a breakfast food, but sometimes I'll have it as a snack if I want something heartier than a bag of chips.

2. Smoothie Bowls

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Chloe Pawloski

I have recently discovered a deep love for smoothie bowls and experimenting with different combinations of fruits and granola! My current favorite combo is blueberry, granola, honey and strawberry smoothie bowl!

3. Homemade Iced Matcha

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Julia Gilman

I've used quarantine to get myself out of my very intense caffeine addiction. Something that's helped me get through longer days of Zoom classes is a homemade iced matcha, which is definitely less caffeine than a cup of coffee (considering I only use 1 tablespoon of matcha for a glass). I definitely recommend trying to make matcha at home. It's super easy and will make you feel like an accomplished barista!

4. Popcorn - A True Classic 

I've recently read that popcorn, without artificial butter and unhealthy additives, is a healthier snack option! If you pop the kernels yourself, or buy healthy brands, popcorn can be very low in calories!

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Kirby Barth

5. Tomatoes and cucumber 

If you're able to get fresh produce, cut up grape tomatoes or slice/cube regular tomatoes with cucumber makes a great refreshing snack! If I have it, I'll squeeze lemon or lime juice and add a bit of salt! 

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Kelsey Ragnini

One of the benefits of quarantine is having the time to experiment with recipes or take the time to make our favorite things that we usually wouldn't have the time for. If you're able to, make your favorites or find a new favorite! I hope you enjoyed my 5 current favorite quarantine snacks!