Imagine you’re crunching down on your chalupa from Taco Bell, fire sauce packet in one hand, Baja Blast in another, and you’re loving every second of it. Nothing could make this moment of bliss better. Your tummy is filling up with your favorite food, spiced up by countless packets of your fave hot sauce, and a radioactive frozen green beverage is washing it all down.

Except, maybe there could be something better? What if you combined the fire sauce packet with the Baja Blast to make a Baja Blast Hot Sauce. Sound a little cursed? (Yes.)

In celebration of national hot sauce day, Mountain Dew is partnering with Iburn, a Houston-based hot sauce shop, to release “Mtn Dew Baja Blast Hot Sauce.” The flavor is described as the “iconic tropical lime flavor of the beloved Mtn Dew Baja Blast with habanero peppers, green chiles, and jalapeño peppers,” the company shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine.

The hot sauce will not be available for purchase. Instead, Mountain Dew is hosting a giveaway on their website for fans to try to win a bottle. The giveaway is open to all United States citizens over the age of 18. All you have to do is choose what you would prefer to smother “MNT Dew Baja Blast Hot Sauce” on. Your choices are a burrito, tacos, chicken wings, or a breakfast sandwich. The giveaway will be accepting entries until February 8th. However, supply is limited, because only 750 bottles of the hot sauce were manufactured.

Mountain Dew has never steered away from food or spicy flavors. So, Mountain Dew Baja Blast hot sauce isn’t too shocking. In August 2021, Mountain Dew released “Mountain Dew Flamin Hot,” a spicy soda that completely sold out upon release. The flavor was described by Mountain Dew as “the sweet, citrus flavor of Dew with the spicy, kicked up flavor of Flamin Hot.” Additionally, Mountain Dew has a cookbook with contributions from fans and professional chefs on how to cook with the soda, with recipes like chicken wings and cherry pie.