The Taco Bell Cantina that opened in November of 2016 on the Las Vegas strip is Taco Bell like you have never seen it before. Although the Cantina concept is nothing short of amazing, Taco Bell could not get any more extra, and here's seven reasons why.

1. The Decor

If you have ever been to an old run-down Taco Bell in your area, get ready for your jaw to drop. The Taco Bell Cantina ditches  the drive through and focuses on providing a sit down experience. The Vegas location comes equipped with 16 television screens lining the interior wall with entertainment, live-stream video, sports content, and social media feeds. The space also has room designated for a D.J, V.I.P lounges, and custom artwork.

In the summer, guests can take advantage of an outdoor patio with outdoor misters and heaters. The inside has community-style seating, a popular and up-and-coming trend in the restaurant industry. You will also find portable ordering tablets aimed at reducing wait times. 

2. It's Two Stories

As if one story wasn't enough, you can enjoy all the Cantina has to offer from a loft-style upstairs mezzanine lounge that overlooks the outdoor patio and all the action taking place below. 

3. The Taco Shop

Now you can bring home a souvenir to commemorate your Taco Bell experience, courtesy of the Taco Shop which sells exclusive Taco Bell merchandise and memorabilia. Choose from Taco Bell t-shirts, shot glasses, keychains, bathing suits, rings, iPhone cases, hats and more all available to purchase inside the restaurant. 

4. The Freeze Wall

Taco Bell customers have become big fans of the freeze, a frozen slushie beverage that debuted in 2013. Currently, customers can choose from three flavors: Strawberry Poppin' Candy, Airheads Blue Raspberry, and Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Taco Bell Cantina introduced the Freeze Wall which boasts eight flavors for customers to choose from: Margarita, Cola, Pina Colada, Lemonade, Orange, Baja Blast, Cherry and Blue Raspberry.

And that's not all. Exclusively at the Taco Bell Cantina, customers can create a "twisted freeze" by adding an alcohol of their choice. To top it all off, the freezes are served in 16 or 32oz. souvenir cups, so you won't go home empty handed. If the Freeze isn't your style, they also serve beer, wine, and sangria. 

5. New Shareable Menu Items

People go to Taco Bell because they offer good, cheap food that is served quickly. People don't usually hang out at Taco Bell for very long, but Taco Bell wants you to hang out at the Cantina, and to bring your friends.

They added a new menu section called "Shareables" to cater to this. For just $4 you can get an order of cheesy bacon jalapeno dippers or 7-layer dip, for $5 you can eat mini quesadillas or homestyle nachos, and for $6, chicken tenders or spicy bacon & ranch smothered potatoes. The classic menu items that we all know and love are also available. 

6. Open Kitchen

It's 2017, so clearly just eating your food isn't enough. Similar to Chipotle, the Taco Bell Cantina allows customers to watch their food being made courtesy of an open kitchen. For anyone that has sat through a Taco Bell drive through and wondered how there food was actually being prepared, this is for you. The brand is becoming as transparent as they can for their customers.

7. 24/7 Service

And finally, not only can you experience the Taco Bell Cantina at 4 p.m, but you can experience it at 4 a.m because the doors never close. Next time that boozy freeze craving calls, or the next time you find yourself in dire need of a new taco bell tee, don't worry about checking the clock because the Cantina will be open.

Wait There's More!

Before you start worrying about financing a trip to Vegas, there is good news, you might not have to. While the Cantina's Las Vegas location is the flagship restaurant, the urban-style concept has restaurants in Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco and Austin. You'll find the same chic decor, alcoholic offerings, and shareable menu.

You won't find the Taco Shop aspect, but it's online and the Cantina's offer free wifi. The brand plans to open 300 Cantina's by 2022 targeting cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, and New York.

No matter if you love or hate Taco Bell, you have to appreciate the advancements Taco Bell had made as a brand, especially in an industry as competitive as fast food. The future is definitely bright for Taco Bell, and hopefully filled with many boozy freezes and supreme tacos.