For broke college students like me, nothing beat the Wendy's 4 for $4. When I was low on cash and craving french fries or a shake (or both), Wendy's was the place to go. Sadly, the Wendy's on State Street has been shut down. 

Many of us UW students are probably wondering what will take its place, but the real question is: what will satisfy my need for fries and a shake while we wait?


If MOOYAH's all-caps logo doesn't get you excited, their selection of 12 milkshake flavors should. From Oreo, to Cookie Dough, to Classic Vanilla or Hershey's Chocolate, they've got something for any craving. Their fry portions are huge, as well, and they also offer Sweet Potato Fries.

Although Mooyah is a bit pricier than Wendy's, it is a step up from your typical fast food with more variety and flavor, and a close-by substitute for Wendy's cravings.

2. Disco Fries

Recently opened on State Street, Disco Fries has been all the rage. Their fry platters are anything but average and include the Southern Fried Poutine, Donut Fries, a somewhat traditional order of Chili Cheese fries, and even classic fries if you're in that mood. 

Similar to MOOYAH, Disco Fries has a wider array of shakes than Wendy's, offering PB&J and Horchata flavors. 

3. McDonald's

ketchup, french fries
Alex Frank

Ok, this one is kind of a no-brainer, but without a McDonald's in the heart of State Street, it's an option I often forget. The McDonald's on Regent Street is a bit of a walk if you live on the east side of campus, but if you think about the calories you're burning off while you're moving, it balances out.

I don't need to tell you how delicious McDonald's salty, crispy, fries taste fresh out of the fryer, and I'm sure you already know how delicious the creamy, cold milkshake tastes in contrast, so what's stopping you?

4. Homemade Fries

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Chelsea Hawk

If you have a kitchen, either in your apartment, house, or dorm, you can save some money by tossing some frozen fries in the oven and blending up a milkshake. Just buy a typical bag of fries, or you could try these recipes to spice up your night.

As far as milkshakes go, I rely heavily on my personal blender for chocolate shakes, but if you're feeling adventurous, these five shake recipes are out of this world

Nothing can ever take the place of Wendy's in my heart, but these places fill my stomach almost as well.