I guess some people are an acquired taste. And unlike a Big Mac, President Trump is not a fan favorite for some, according to a tweet from the McDonald's Twitter account. 

On Thursday morning, McDonald's stirred up the "Twittersphere" when they informed their 3 million followers that President Trump is "a disgusting excuse of a President."

The tweet also made it clear that former President Barack Obama would be welcomed back with open arms, and that, despite his claims, President Trump does, indeed, have tiny hands.

McDonald’s Deletes Tweet Calling Donald Trump a ‘Disgusting Excuse of a President’

Tom Cleary on Heavy.com

The tweet was only up for about 20 minutes before it was swiftly taken down, but it was still enough time for the hilarity of the internet to respond.

Many Twitter users began to speculate on who they believed had sent the anti-Trump tweet—with Burger King's mascot, The Burger King, and McDonald's fictitious cartoon character, the Hamburglar, being the main suspects.  

Other users took this as an opportunity to inform Twitter just what they thought about President Trump. And, sorry Mr. President, but it seems like most responders are #TeamMcDonalds. 

Other users simply applauded and tweeted their support of the fast-food giant's tweet. 

Shortly after the original tweet was deleted, the McDonald's executives issued an explanation: They were hacked. And no, probably not by Russia. 

Despite the executive's claims, many users are skeptical about whether or not the McDonald's Twitter account was actually hacked, or if they were trying to cover up the fact that the anti-Trump tweet had been sent by a disgruntled employee. Regardless of what actually happened, the fast food chain has received praise from many other Twitter users for their tweet.

It's also safe to say that the tweet has earned a lot of attention. And while no one condones hacking into other people's social media, no one can deny the fact that the president being called out by the account of a restaurant known for its burgers is hilarious. 

I mean, is anyone safe? Who's next? The "eat mor chikin" cow from Chick-fil-A?