Look, I get it. Neither Trump nor Clinton look particularly appetizing. But the restaurant industry has spoken, and while it might not necessarily be pro-Clinton, it definitely seems anti-Trump.

When it comes to economic issues like minimum wage, large restaurant corporations tend to hold more conservative views, so they typically throw their support behind the Republican candidate. However, that is not the case in this election.

The restaurant industry as a whole has given more money to Clinton than any other candidate. In fact, Trump doesn’t even crack the industry’s top five donation recipients.

Fast food restaurant chains in particular have shown a drastic change in heart. In 2012, Mitt Romney was even known as the fast food candidate for all the financial support these companies gave him. Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s CEO Andy Pudzer was even an economic advisor on the Romney Campaign, and former Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers worked for Romney’s PAC.

However, as much love as fast food gave Romney (as much love as Trump gives fast food), this election is clearly an outlier. Although fast food corporations continue to overwhelmingly support the Republican Party, most have chosen to focus on local elections this year. Here are seven fast food restaurants who just can’t bring themselves to support Trump.

But first, a little note on my methodology. There are a lot of ways individuals and companies can donate to a candidate. I began with a list of fast food franchises whose executives have not given to the Trump Campaign, according to this Huffington Post article. Using the FEC website, I verified that none of these companies, CEOs, or affiliated PACs had donated directly to the Trump Campaign. This search led me to eliminate Taco Bell, whose PAC has given to the Trump Campaign.

1. McDonald's

tea, beer, coffee
Allie Coneys

Considering their mascot is a clown with a plastic face, McDonald’s shockingly has not supported Trump in anyway way. I guess McDonald’s just isn't lovin' it. When it comes to this election, I'm not sure anyone is lovin' it. 

2. Burger King

Sophie Maschinot

Right now, our country's future looks about as bleak as Burger King's black whopper. But if Trump gets voted into office in November, I guess we will all just have to accept him as the American people's democratic choice. Have it your way. 

3. KFC

bacon, cheese, chicken
Alex Vu

Trump definitely makes me want to raise a certain finger in the air. But no one ever has described him as "finger lickin' good," including Colonel Sanders himself.

4. Pizza Hut

pizza, spinach, mozzarella
Kaylee McIntosh

Pizza Hut's slogan is "Make it Great." Pizza Hut essentially has the same slogan as Trump, and they STILL don't support him. Take from that what you will.

5. Jimmy John's

sandwich, turkey, sprouts, ham, cheese, swiss cheese
Valentin Rublack

Jimmy John's has been sued multiple times over its slogan “Freaky Fast Delivery,” as people claim it makes their delivery workers drive recklessly. You would think that Jimmy John's would sympathize with Trump, who has also had multiple lawsuits filed against him. But I guess Jimmy John's realizes from personal experience that being sued a lot doesn’t really make someone a good presidential candidate. 

6. Subway

sandwich, bread, cheese, lettuce
Amanda Shulman

Like Trump, Subway has been called out for lying before. Despite advertising themselves as the "fresher" option, they used chemicals that are also found in yoga mats. Yet unlike Trump, Subway actually fessed up and fixed the problem rather than indigently denying ever having lied. 

7. Domino's

pizza, pepperoni, dough, crust, sauce, mozzarella, cheese
Emily Waples

Domino's understands that sometimes you need a radical change. In 2009, they completely overhauled their product and started making entirely new, better pizza. The key word there is better. Pizza (and presidential candidates) can be new and difficult without being better.

So choose a candidate like you would choose a pizza. Don’t go for one just because it's new. Vote for the candidate who is better.