If you have ever seen a flash through the dining hall, it was most likely me running to get to my next class, meeting, or swim practice. The list of my daily to-do's often leaves little to no time to sit down and eat a full meal, so to-go was the way to go. When the dining hall administration decided to take away the to-go paper cups, I was a little heart broken. However, now I realize how little time I am spending on my full daily meals and how much time I spent snacking on cereal out of a paper cup. How silly is it that a student who has unlimited swipes a day can barely find time to sit down and finish a proper breakfast? Since the "cupocolypse", I have been forced to create time in my jam packed schedule to actually eat an entire meal. I'm sharing 5 Clurg hacks that will help you navigate the new paperless dining hall. 

1. Make a Schedule (like the one on your mom's fridge) 

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Katie Jannotta

I am a firm believer in a schedule or to-do list. When my to-go option was eliminated, I forced myself to write out when I would have the time to commit to Clurg and eat a full meal without rushing out because of class, practice or a meeting. Set aside roughly 20-30 mins for your meals and ask your friends to come with because let's be honest, nothing is worse than wandering around the dining hall looking for your peeps! 

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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MyLinh Truong

As someone who loves Mother Nature and any opportunity to do away with non-reusable items, I am accepting the challenge of only using my mugs and cups for coffee, tea, water etc. I didn't even realize how much waste I was creating every day with just paper cups, so wash out the old ramen from those mugs, people! It's time to get earth friendly and take your funky ceramic mugs to Clurg to fill up on some coffee or tea. 

3. Hit the Road, Jack!

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Amelia Hitchens

As previously mentioned, I am a huge believer in a schedule and if your average week is anything like mine, you do not have much free time. On those mornings when you wake up late, your suitemate is in the shower too long or you can't seem to get yourself together, I strongly recommend a banana or granola bar to tide yourself over. Keeping a box of quick, on-the-go granola bars in your room or grabbing a banana on your way out of the dining hall is a great way to start your day, even if you don't have time for a full breakfast. 

4. Exercise Those Domain Dollars

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Megan Japczyk

I am a little embarrassed to admit I have had one too many nights this semester when removing myself from the library to even get something as important as dinner is just not possible. Thanks to the new cafe located in my most frequented building on campus, I now am able to grab a quick sandwich or coffee and get right back to studying. Located on the first floor of DuPont, The Cup and Gown has great salads and sandwiches for those of us who can't find the time to trek to McClurg. Don't forget, Stirling's is a quick walk away from DuPont (feel free to take a study break every now and then!) 

Since the disappearance of paper cups, I have been forced to take an extra minute and actually eat a meal. McClurg is a great dining hall if you know the in's and out's of all the offerings, so think of this new paperless version of Clurg as an opportunity to discover great new things! Try something new for breakfast (10/10 would recommend the cheese grits), put a different ingredient in that bowl you make at lunch, or branch out at dinner. But no matter how you Clurg, don't stress about the new paperless system.