So, you’ve been hitting the gym and eating healthy and now you’re ready to treat yourself. Have you ever walked over to the dessert line at McClurg and just found that none of the sweets satisfy what you’re craving? Well, lucky for you we’ve put together a list of drool-worthy desserts that you probably didn’t know you could make with items right in our wonderful dining hall!

1. Root Beer Float

If you’re looking for something to sip on rather than to chew, then this one is for you. Pick your choice of soft-serve, mix with root beer soda, and you’ve got yourself a nice, refreshing drink.

Photo courtesy of Savanna Roaldsand

2. Ice Cream Sandwich

Can’t decide between a cookie or ice-cream? Well, who says you’ve got to choose? Make yourself a ~gourmet~ ice cream sandwich by putting some ice cream between two cookies then rolling the ice-cream in a topping of your choice: crushed cereal, nuts, sprinkles, whatever sounds tasty-get creative!

Photo courtesy of Reeda Shakir

3. Trail Mix

Some Sewanee students may not yet be aware of the new addition to McClurg: the assortment of nuts tucked away near the microwave. Take advantage of this by grabbing a to-go cup and make yourself a trail mix with whatever variety of nuts you’d like with chocolate chips from the toppings bar. This is a perfect sweet & salty snack you can take out of McClurg with you on those late nights at DuPont Library.

Photo courtesy of Reeda Shakir

4. Reese’s Waffles

This year, every food-lover’s dream came true when McClurg got two waffle makers. This means you can have waffles anytime of the day, for instance, for dessert. Make a waffle sandwich with peanut butter spread on one side and Nutella on the other side and you’ve got yourself something that comes fairly close to tasting like a Reese’s cup.

Photo courtesy of Savanna Roaldsand

5. Ice Cream Sundae + Waffle

Another way to take advantage of the newly added waffle makers is to make this heavenly dessert. There’s no specific way to make this aside from adding ice cream on top of a waffle and then just going crazy with it.

Photo courtesy of Savanna Roaldsand

Hopefully, these will help fulfill your sweet tooth when McClurg’s regular options are just not cutting it. If not, then maybe they’ve inspired you to make a creation of your own!