I, like much of the world, am a love-hate watcher of Emily In Paris. Each time a new season is released, my eyes are glued to the TV for eight hours, making comments about how chic Sylvie is or the amount of patterns in Emily's outfits (though they are better this season). 

As a lover of all things food, one thing did catch my eye (and make my mouth water) this season — the McBaguette from McDonald's. Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) introduces Emily to a French McDonald's in the first episode right as her ex Doug (Roe Hartrampf) calls her to tell her the fast food chain needs a French marketing agency to launch the new menu item. The sexy sandwich sounds like a French-ified Big Mac with a crusty baguette as the bun.

But I had to know if it was real. Can you really order a McBaguette at a French McDonald's?

Is the McBaguette real?

Yes! Back in 2012, the fast food chain released the McBaguette as a limited time promotional item, but became a staple on French McDonald's menus due to its popularity. Think of the McBaguette as the French version of the McRib. It's not on the menu all the time, but makes an appearance about once a year for a short time. 

Courtesy of McDonald's

What is in the McBaguette?

If you find yourself in France during the time a McBaguette is available, here's what you can expect to get if you order it. The protein is a choice between two hamburger patties or two chicken tenders. That is layered with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and grainy French mustard and served on a crusty baguette. And good news! As a way to celebrate the new season, McDonald's in France have added McBaguette's to their menu. All you have to do is get there.