The french baguette is a glorious invention that deserves to be jazzed up into a much more tastier meal. Rather than slathering on some salty butter on your warm baguette, which is just as tasty, there are other ways to make it life changing.

1. Tomatoes & Cheese 

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Kimberly Kao

Keep the butter and garlic on your toasted baguette, but also add some fresh, diced tomatoes, feta or mozzarella cheese, and chopped basil leaves for an added freshness, and you'll end up with bruschetta. These simple add-ons are the best to jazz up your baguette to make it taste 10 times better.

This light snack is a great summer treat to have since the tomatoes are automatically a cooling delight for your mouth and won't leave you overally stuffed.

2. Avocado

Since avocados are a huge trend right now, and just simply delicious, slicing an avocado and eating it with your baguette is the way to go. It's the perfect meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you want to get jazzy, dice up some radishes, mince some fresh herbs, such as Italian parsley, chives, and dill, and add a splash of lemon juice to finish it off. This compot is perfect to top your avocado toast. 

3. Protein

There are many cured meats that pair well with a crusty baguette, one in perticular is prusciutto. You can add a few slices of the protein with some creamy brie cheese, fresh arugula, and a thinly sliced Asian pear for an added crisp taste. These ingredients pair up so well that you'll enjoy and be left satisfied. 

4. Cream Cheese & Berries

Having a warm, tosted baguette is one thing, but spreading some sweet cream cheese and topping it off with fresh berries is another wonderful thing that you need in your life. These ingredients all together pair beautifully for a wonderful treat for breakfast. 

5. Nutella

The last mind blowing item I'm suggesting you to top off  your baguette is Nutella. This genius combo is something you can indulge in and immediatly bring happiness into your life. Spread nutella on your baguette and add some slices of banana or strawberries to add an extra little bit of sweetness and voila! 

If you're looking for more ways to fix-up your baguette, look at this s'mores recipe that will probably change your life.